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Work Challenge Results

16 Jun

Bored tea break

When I found Zoe and Alice (the lovely ladies who keep all of us sane at The Office) looking a little down I challenged them to the Lahloo Work Place Challenge! Once I had reassured them both that the only requirement from them was to replace their usual tea with Lahloo tea, they were keen to get involved! I even offered to make their first cuppa for them…

Zoe is expecting her first baby so was keen to choose a caffeine free option and Alice wanted something to help with her sluggish digestion, so the obvious choice was English Peppermint. Quintessentially English this tasty tea really hits the spot! Alice and Zoe both raved about it and were happy to ditch their old tea.

In the words of Alice, “Tea for me used to be a mundane experience.  However once I tried the Lahloo peppermint tea I was totally converted!  As soon as it passes my lips I feel full of zingy goodness and completely galvanized (if that’s a word…)”

Zoe thought it was “really delicious and her ‘bump’ agreed too!

happy tea days

Happy days!

So if like Alice and Zoe, you and your work colleagues need something new in your daily working life, why not take up the tea challenge? We are looking for volunteers to waken up to the world of Lahloo tea and we want to add a little sunshine to your day!

Sounds like you? Get in touch with Vicky at Lahloo by email here and the tea will be with you next week.

PS all we ask in return is a little blog about how you all got on, oh and a photo!


Work place tea routine getting you down?

13 May

Workplace glum

When I found Zoe and Alice (the lovely ladies who keep all of us sane at The Office) looking a little glum I decided to challenge them to the Lahloo Work Place Challenge! Always up for trying something new, the bubbly duo agreed to be Lahloo’s newest tea guinea pigs. Lahloo’s mission is clear – we want to get real people reawakening their taste buds to discover just how real tea should taste and in doing so, brightening up their tea breaks!

If you and your work colleagues need something new in your daily working life, why not take up the tea challenge? We are looking for volunteers to waken up to the world of Lahloo tea and we want to add a little sunshine to your day!

Sounds like you? Get in touch with the Lahloo team by email here and the tea will be with you next week.

PS all we ask in return is a little blog about how you all got on, oh and a photo!

Lahloo Tea: real tea for real people ♥

28 Apr


This is me as a little girl. I’ve always loved nice things to eat and drink – especially jam on toast! In those days, tea wasn’t my thing like it is now! But people were. I have always been a real extrovert – I love people!  So, one of the things I love most about running my own business, Lahloo Tea, is meeting really interesting people.

With all the things we get involved in with Lahloo Tea throughout the year, we meet some wonderful people and make really great friends. It also means I get to do what I love most – talk about (and I can talk for England) truly fabulous tea! We even meet interesting folk on the 5th floor of our hub – this window cleaner recently dropped in for a cuppa. Real tea for real people!

Window cleaner

At food festivals like Abergavenny, Dartmouth and The Real Food Festival the highlight for me is meeting gourmet-loving foodies, fellow food and drink producers, chefs and restaurateurs and retail buyers. And with a simple cup of tea, I can open their eyes up to this gourmet epiphany that is just waiting to be unearthed.

Not only is it great fun meeting people, it’s also fun to taste wonderful things (and take home swapsies)! My fav’s have been Orchard Pig, Pieminister, Rude Health, Yeo Valley and Hobbs House and Trethowan’s Dairy Gorwydd Caerphilly!

I’ve also enjoyed (and look forward to working with) other passionate producers to create something really unique.  Working with the Willy Wonka-like Damian Allsop to create our sensational tea chocolates was so much fun – not to mention tasty! And we love our bite-sized shortbread treats from Hart’s Bakery.

Sweet treats

But one of the most interesting parts is meeting those people who take the plunge and choose to help me challenge people’s views on serving loose leaf tea. They’ve chosen to upgrade their tea offering by serving and/or retailing Lahloo Tea. Not only do I get to meet brilliantly talented chefs, like The Walnut Tree’s Shaun Hill (he is a great character and a real advocate of Lahloo Tea), The Seahorse and Rockfish Grill chef-owner Mitch Tonks and Gordon Ramsey’s Best Restaurant winners 2011 Jonray and Pete Sanchez, I also meet inspirational, fun entrepreneurs like James Layfield and Steve Pette at Central Working.


Thank you so much to all of you who have helped me spread the word that Lahloo Tea really is real tea for real people ♥! Long may we continue!

We challenge you, Britain! Drink loose tea everyday (not just when the Queen’s invited for tea)!

12 Apr

Here at Lahloo this spring, we’ve been challenging you and you’ve been great tea ‘guinea’ pigs. Take a look at some of the other challenges and how you got on: challenge no. 1 and challenge no. 2.

Now it’s that time again! We’re challenging you for one last time. Are you ready to give a new twist to an old favourite tea habit?


Think of loose leaf tea – what springs to mind? Don’t tell me, Lahloo! Of course! Now, joking aside, do you think of it as tea for ‘special occasions’? Posh tea? Something to drink in your twin sets and pearls (that includes all our male fans too)? Feel you need to get out Granny’s bone china and feel guilty at the idea of drinking it from your favourite mug?


Well…..there’s always a time and a place but we say unless you’re hosting a ‘Royal Wedding Will & Kate’ celebration street tea party, put away the delicate tea cups (although they are lovely), relax those pinkies and put those doilies away! Forget pomp and ceremony and learn to enjoy tea as it should be. This is what Lahloo is all about!

Simply put, we’re challenging you to enjoy our sensational tea as an everyday indulgence. We need volunteers who have decided loose tea is for Sundays,birthdays and special occasions only! We want volunteers who want to embrace the Lahloo way. We want you to develop your own way to enjoy our tea, your own routine and to discover Lahloo tea in your own way. You can even use your favourite old mug if you like!

If you’d like to take part, email Vicky here ➨

Old Tea Favourite: New Tea Twist. Challenge No. 2 Results

12 Apr

Old Tea Favourite: New Tea Twist. Did we manage to coax our volunteers out of their ‘tea-rut’?

Tea Rut

Can they now confidently navigate their way through the exciting world of tea? Are they embracing change? Are they crying out for more delicious and new teas to discover?

You’ve guessed it! Of course they were! Read about our volunteers’ experiences here…

A) Georgia:

Self Confessed:  Breakfast tea and occasional herbal tea to make me feel virtuous! (usually when ‘over indulged’ aka: hung over!!)

Pre-Challenge: I drink loose leaf, but I mainly stick with the familiar as I have a ‘fear of failure’ which puts me off experimenting. I find temperature/infusion times a little daunting.

Experience: A lovely tea tasting experiment, thank you! Will definitely continue drinking the Dragon Pearls. I loved the tea…….mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Found the pearls ‘delicate and more-ish’ (didn’t know ‘posh’ tea could be). I could drink gallons of the stuff!

Also, I thought the English Peppermint was ‘Yowzah’! with a great minty taste and aroma. I like! I will continue with the English Peppermint.

B) Ian:

Self Confessed: Have been drinking tea most of my life, and being of Yorkshire origin a ‘good brew’ is like my bread and butter (of which I have none being a vegan).

Pre-Challenge: Mixture of bagged teas-herbal/fruit and loose peppermint, fennel, rooibosh and chamomile.

Experience: The Lahloo Japanese green tea was a welcome change! Re-use the leaves several times and it tastes very natural/organic with a deep, fresh ‘after-taste’.  The spinach of the tea world – and I love spinach!

Confession: I had a Twinning’s green tea (which I had previously) but wasn’t impressed with the “staleness” compared to your green tea.

Good hint: Make sure you use the correct temperature of water, around 70C (cooled for 3 mins after boiling) for green tea rather than 20 seconds of tea bag dunking!!!

C) Dan:

Pre-Challenge: An ex ‘coffee caffeine head’ who has turned to the green and herbal tea world to keep me on the straight and narrow. Unfortunately, I’ve not found anything that gives me the kick I need to keep me going and give me focus. Nothing quite gets me in the zone. I miss the ‘buzz’ of coffee caffeine to get my head ‘wide awake’ but I don’t like the edgy feeling it give me physically. The caffeine jitters!

Experience: I tried Guricha green tea. It’s perfect. Tastes MAZERS! Perfect for mentally getting him going but physically keeping him nice and chilled. Really good balance of flavour. I love the taste. It reminds me of spring and freshly mown lawns. It’s lovely with a smooth, creamy texture and a calming, grounding effect. It made me want to do yoga”.

D) Emily

Pre-Challenge: I’m not normally that adventurous when it comes to tea. When it comes to loose leaf tea, I’m even more unimaginative. I normally choose plain black or green tea, or add fresh mint leaves to boiling water.

Experience: When I make myself a cup of tea, it’s because I want something refreshing to drink – I’m not a big fan of plain water! Lahloo’s Orchid oolong loose leaf tea definitely hit the spot in this respect. It’s an amazingly fragrant, floral tea – but not overpowering, with a natural sweetness that I’m not used to from the teas that I normally drink.

Result: The tea won a gold Great Taste Award in 2010, and it’s easy to see why – it’s not only delicious and refreshing, but looks stunning too…now I just need to decide which one to try next!

Watch out for the next opportunity to get involved in one of tea challenges…

Lahloo Tea spring challenge

4 Feb

Tovolo challenge

Do you know someone who just won’t ditch those tea bags because loose leaf is (in their words not mine) too “messy’, “slow”, “posh”, “expensive” ? Or anyone who is stuck on “builders with milk and two sugars”? Maybe, someone who thinks loose leaf tea is only for “the weekend or special occasions”?

Well, throughout spring Lahloo Tea is going to be challenging you, tea drinkers of Britain, to take our 3 “Old favourite; new twist” challenges. You see, we believe that Lahloo Tea is as good as tea gets and of course, we think that you should all be drinking it everyday! We are confident that once you’ve tried Lahloo Tea you just can’t go back.

So, our first challenge, the “Lahloo Tea & Tovolo Challenge” will take place in March. We need 5 volunteers. To take part you need to be stuck on drinking teabags.  We’ll send you our unique tea kit ad we’re simply asking you to try drinking nothing but Lahloo Tea for 1 week! Easy! Oh and be prepared to report back with photo evidence.

If you’d like to nominate yourself or someone, just email us here ➤

Watch this space for news of our next challenges.

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