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Lahloo’s guide to tea and biscuit pairing

7 Nov

As the nights draw in, it’s the right time of the year to sit in front of the fireplace and enjoy a good cup of tea and a biscuit or two while the wind and rain wail outside. But in the same way in which you wouldn’t dream of drinking red wine with your haddock chowder, the tea that suits your lemon shortbread might be spoiled by a ginger nut. So here’s our guide to tea and biscuit pairing!

Bristol Brew + Garibaldi biscuits

The über-popular Bristol Brew, a hearty and vibrant Assam, is one of Lahloo’s best sellers and a favourite of those who like a traditional cuppa. The thin, golden and humble Garibaldi biscuit, popular for over 150 years, matches its character to perfection. Fruity but not too sweet, Garibaldis are great for dunking, and Bristol Brew, great with or without milk, lends itself to it.

Earl Grey + Lemon shortbread
The zesty Earl Grey, aromatised with pure Sicilian bergamot essential oil, is another popular choice for both breakfast and afternoon tea. This British classic complements and enhances all citrusy flavours, so its perfect match would be crumbly, crispy lemon shortbread. Also ideal for dunking!

Darjeeling+ Orange and cardamom biscuits
The champagne of teas is the jewel in the crown of a classic afternoon tea, and it pairs well with orangey flavours. For a delicate, exotic note, reminiscent of the origins of Darjeeling, add cardamom to the biscuit.

Smoky + Cheese sable
Lahloo’s take on Lapsang Souchong is a velvety, subtly spicy black tea smoked over cinnamon wood. Strong and rugged, it would quickly overpower most sweet flavours. A savoury, flaky and rich cheese sablé with walnuts or pecans has the right consistency and the required punchy flavour -just don’t dunk it, unless you like your tea cheesy!

Spice Chai + Ginger nut
A warming and rejuvenating blend of Assam tea and Ayurvedic spices makes Spice Chai a cold weather favourite. Its naturally sweet flavour suits spicy biscuits well: ginger nuts, gingerbread, Swedish pepparkakor or cinnamon biscuits are all delicious when dunked in a Chai latte. A match made in heaven, and you can also add the loose tea as an ingredient to biscuits and cakes (particularly good in seasonal pumpkin pies)

Grandpa’s anytime tea + Oat and chocolate biscuits
The rich and satisfying Grandpa’s Anytime Tea, named after 112-year-old Kenyan farmer Arthur, is a blend superior to most breakfast teas that can be enjoyed with or without milk. The rustic texture and earthy, sweet flavour of an oaty chocolate biscuit paired up with this tea hero are ideal for elevenses.

Lahloo Pantry’s best biscuit recipes will be published on the blog throughout the month. 

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Grafik Mag | Runway Route

5 May

We are really proud to be serving the tea to go with biscuits from the Biscuiteers and juices from top juice mixologists Juiceology at Amelia Gregory’s wonderful #ACOFI Book Tour. 

Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration *featuring the very best in ethical fashion design* was published at the end of 2010, and is the second publication from Amelia’s House, the book publishing wing of Amelia’s Magazine. It is a showcase for the work of thirty up and coming fashion illustrators who have interpreted the work of 45 exciting new ethical fashion designers, as well as plenty of good independent design that was first featured online at Amelia’s Magazine.


Find out more here:  Grafik Mag | Runway Route.

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Make Christmas special with Lahloo Tea

13 Dec

Give someone you love a Lahloo Tea moment! And today only, Monday 13th December, we’ll pay the postage!

These beautiful gifts are inspired by those moments in life that are made for tea.

Breakfast in Bed treat

BREAKFAST IN BED  Lahloo Breakfast tea, 2 egg cups and marmelade – serve in bed with a warm friend and a nice hot cup of lahloo tea!

Tea & BiscuitsTEA & BISCUITS Lahloo Earl Grey and delightful all butter bites with a subtle zing of lemon- the perfect excuse for a natter over a cup of lahloo tea.

Cosy tea and candleCOSY TEA & CANDLE Light a candle, make a cup of tea and curl up in a huge armchair! An evocative aroma of a blazing fire burning huge logs from an old cedar tree. Get cosy!

BlissfulBLISSFUL TEA & CANDLE Run a bath, read a book, eat chocolate – soothe the senses. A beautiful floral, woody aroma of the rambling tea rose outside the cottage door, a flower pressed into a scrap book. Bliss!

FiresideFIRESIDE CHRISTMAS TEA Evoke memories of your favourite Christmases with warming winter spices blended with the woody aroma of the fire. A real treat!  Merry Christmas!

SimplicityTEA & SIMPLICITY The ideal gift for any tea lover at home, work or play.


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