Don’t panic and make time for tea!

1 Dec

1 December

It’s the 1st December and the countdown to Christmas has begun! We’ve created our own Christmas advent calendar to treat you to tips, offers and treats in the run up to Christmas. Subscribe here >

Take time out to relax and look after yourself or come Christmas Day you’ll be no good for anyone!

You still have 20 days left to order online so even if you’re snowed in you can still go shopping! And it gets better – you’ll avoid all those horrible queues too! So keep warm, make a pot of tea, put that Rat PAck Christmas Album on iTunes and get inspired!

Look at what we have to offer – tea stocking fillers, tea lovers gifts, foodies gifts and even something special for grandma! Keep calm, drink tea, enjoy the run up this year and have lots of fun too!

One Response to “Don’t panic and make time for tea!”


  1. We challenge you, Britain! Drink loose tea everyday (not just when the Queen’s invited for tea)! « Lahloo Tea - April 12, 2011

    […] Now it’s that time again! We’re challenging you for one last time. Are you ready to give a new twist to an old favourite tea habit? […]

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