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The fabulous Walnut Tree Restaurant is now serving Lahloo Tea…..

8 Jun

I feel very lucky that I have been treated to lunch at The Walnut Tree restaurant in the gorgeous countryside just on the edge of the Black Mountains near Abergavenny. If you haven’t had the chance to eat at The Walnut Tree, then I hope you have plans to do so as soon as humanly possible! Don’t worry if you live further than we do (about an hours drive from Bristol), they have lovely accommodation so you can sample the fantastic wine list as well as the food. Or maybe head to the fabulous Abergavenny Food Festival and make a trip to taste Shaun’s food (just remember to book).

The Walnut Tree has been a famous inn and restaurant since it began in the early 1960’s. It is now run as a joint venture between Shaun Hill (see above) and William Griffiths. The Walnut Tree offers proper dining and drinking in an informal setting. Join them for a glass of good wine and a plate of something delicious or sit and savour a full lunch or dinner in the welcoming inn.

The menu is an eclectic mix, based on Shaun’s personal taste and sound cooking techniques, rather than any particular country’s cuisine.  Shaun and his team have this year earned a coveted Michelin star in recognition of the food being served and the team serving it. Well done!

When I first contacted Shaun to introduce him to Lahloo Tea and to see if he would like to serve our tea at The Walnut Tree, I did so with some trepidation. You see I knew that Shaun also oversees the long-established restaurants at Fortnum & Mason. Especially, St James’ Restaurant where he oversees the tea menu. He really knows – and loves – his tea! He really appreciates the difference between a Golden Assam and a high mountain Second Flush Darjeeling.

I needn’t have worried. After our initial chat over a lovely cup of Jungpana Darjeeling over a year ago, Shaun enjoyed Lahloo Tea so much so, that he asked me to keep in touch. So I did! And now I’m happy to say that you’ll now be able to sip a delicious cup of tea after your meal at The Walnut Tree.

Together with Shaun we have created a delicious tea list from around the world. Choose from a pot of light and fragrant Darjeeling Second Flush from high in the Indian Himalayas, the wonderfully refreshing and digestive Orchid oolong from the Phoenix Mountains in China (superb with his sensational chocolate puddings) or a cleansing cup of Japanese green tea. Whatever you choose, it will be delicious. So when you go back or visit for the first time, sit back relax and enjoy the food lovingly prepared by Shaun and the team. Just don’t forget to ask for a special cup of tea to follow…

The Tweed Run Afternoon Tea 2010

22 Apr
A spot of tea!

A lovely cup of Lahloo Tweed Run Afternoon Tea in Kensington Gardens (photo by Rion Nakaya)

Under cloudless skies, 400 dapper gents and dashing ladies set out on the Tweed Run, London, 2010 from the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Grounds at the Chelsea College of Art & Design for a lovely 12 mile jaunt through the capital, stopping off along the way in Kensington Gardens for a spot of Lahloo Tweed Afternoon tea sipped from gorgeous vintage tea cups from our friends at Bristol Vintage.

Click on the image to see more fabulous photos from the fabulous event!

A very special Chocolate Afternoon Tea

22 Mar

HARVEY NICHOLSChocolate Afternoon Tea

Chocolate Afternoon Tea

It’s been an exciting week or so at Lahloo Tea. To top it all off we are excited to be teaming up with Harvey Nichol’s Second Floor Restaurant to bring  an indulgent Easter treat to Bristol’s afternoon tea offering throughout April.

Rather than just chocolate eggs this Easter, why not celebrate with a bespoke Chocolate Afternoon Tea full of Head Chef, Louise McCrimmon‘s chocolate delights. What better way than to enjoy her beautiful treats than with your choice of sensational and delicious tea from Lahloo Tea.

Louise and Kate have chosen a selection of their favourite afternoon teas as well as teas that work really well with chocolate. Choose from a pot of classic but deliciously comforting Lahloo Breakfast all-day-every-day tea, zingy and revitalising Lahloo Earl Grey, the true champagne of the tea world Darjeeling Second Flush, the sumptuous Amber oolong or sensationally light and fragrant Dragon Pearls.

From just £15 per person, it’s certainly a little luxury not to be missed.

For more information or to make a reservation call 0117 9168898 or email Reception.bristol@harveynichols.com

Kate, Lahloo founder

Come and meet Kate, Lahloo Tea's founder

PS We will also be holding a tea tasting at Harvey Nichol’s Food Market in Bristol on Saturday 17th April 2010 between 11am and 5pm. So if you’d like to find out more about Lahloo Tea from Kate Gover, our founder, or you’d simply like to try our fabulous tea, then pop by. It’d be lovely to see you.

A surprisingly tasty match – Gorwydd Caerphilly and Lahloo Darjeeling!

25 Feb

Gorwydd Caerphilly

Trethowan's delicious Gorwydd Caerphilly

Kate introduced food and wine writer, Fiona Beckett, and cheese-maker and monger, Jess Trethowan, to the fabulous tastes and smells of tea in a wonderful tasting session this morning.

And as a bit of fun in food pairing we asked Jess to bring along some of her delicious Gorwydd Caerphilly. Made by Maugan and Kim Trethowan at Gorwydd Farm, Ceredigion, Gorwydd is deliciously mild with a really more-ish texture and taste and an intriguing mushroomy taste as you get closer to the rind. We love it!

But, most amazingly we found that Darjeeling Second Flush was fantastic with the Gorwydd. Award-winning, our Darjeeling Second Flush is incredible! The Jungpana bio-dynamic tea estate, nestled high on the misty slopes of the mighty Himalayas, makes the most enchanting tea. Not a surprise really; the family have made extraordinary Darjeeling tea for centuries!

It is a sensational tea packed with flavour – floral, fruity, citrus, pistachio. The Gorwydd brought out a delicious mango fruitiness. It is stunning, you should try it! We decided all we were missing was a piece of fruitcake to make the perfect afternoon tea!

Heres to more fabulous discoveries with lovely people.

really brought out the flavours –

Merry Christmas to all!

25 Dec

Well, it is finally here… Christmas day has arrived! It’s a gorgeous sunny morning and the snow and ice is glistening.

We have just woken up, the carols are blasting out of the radio, the kettle is boiled and the deliciously light Darjeeling is brewing. After a yummy breakfast we’ll sit down and open the pressies while munching on a cheeky mince-pie or two and sipping a glass of mulled wine. Lets hope we all get some cracking goodies and the only odd present under the tree is the usual from auntie. It makes us giggle every year!

I don’t know about you, but our Christmas day then kicks into gear with some fresh air. A walk cross Ashton Court. It looks amazing at the moment with the snow and ice, hopefully the deer will be out in force too. Then back to Clifton Village for a pint in our local. There is something quite unique about catching up with neighbours and friends on Christmas day over a beer.  Then home for the big event!! This year we are having roast beef with all the trimmings – no turkey in this household.

But after a few glasses of fizz and a little bit of food, it will have to be Sobacha. Tip of the day, take a little time out from the mass of food and alcohol to enjoy something else, something more refreshing. Sobacha is a sweet and nutty buckwheat tea that is utterly refreshing. Full of anti-oxidants, Sobacha is the perfect complement to the overindulgence of Christmas Day. Feel on top form all day.

Have a fabulous day, I know we will.

Merry Christmas from the Lahloo team

we will need something with a bit of oomph to help us recover in time to help with the washing up. Our 1992 Pu-Erh is ideal, it’s earthy, sweet and the perfect after-dinner digestive. Now who’s for charades
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