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Tea with a twist!

22 Jun

Last July at the Bristol Wine & Food festival we served up Long Island Iced Earl Grey Tea and Amber Mojitos and they went down like a storm in a teacup (sorry)! So we’ve been working on new recipes for this years’ events – including Bristol Wine & Food 2010, Clinger Farm’s Harvest festival and Dartmouth Food Festival – with  our friends at The Rummer Hotel.  Fabulous bar tenders and mixologists and last night I invited a very select twitter crowd (@cowshedbristol, @pearcafe and @essexeating) to give me their verdicts.

It’s a tough job but someone has to do it! We tried these delicious creations:

‘Caviar’ Marteani – Didi’s clever and unique molecular competition entry. Dry gin martini with fabulous little black salty pearls of our cinnamon Smokey tea ‘caviar’ to give you a burst of flavour. Crazy but a little tricky for us to replicate!

'Caviar' Marteani

Smokey Margarita – Martin’s amazing twist on a classic margarita using tequila infused with our smokey tea (they all loved the smokey tea)! Sensational and definitely coming to a festival near you soon! Here’s Elly sipping away…

Elly sipping the Smokey Margarita

Dragon Pearl Vespa – Joe’s chose the stunning fragrant jasmine Dragon Pearl tea to infuse vodka and created a jasmine and apricot Vespa with a burnt orange twist. I could’ve sipped it all evening! Dan and I loved this one and it will also be making an appearance…

Dragon Pearl Vespa


Revive after a spot of Harvey Nichols shopping

12 Apr

Harvey Nichols Food MarketOn Saturday 17th April 2010 from 12 to 5pm come along to Harvey Nichols second floor food market and enjoy a refreshing cup of Lahloo Tea. The perfect pit stop to an afternoon of shopping!

Looking forward to sharing a cup of Lahloo jasmine Dragon Pearls, Darjeeling Second Flush andLahloo Breakfast tea with you.


PS You could always book into the restaurant for a decadent Chocolate Afternoon Tea with a pot of Lahloo Tea too! Book here

The perfect stocking fillers!

16 Dec

It’s even chillier than last time I wrote! I hope you’re keeping warm and that your Christmas plans are coming together. I am so looking forward to a fabulous feast on Christmas Day and a long walk in the woods on Boxing Day. But, I’ve still got so much to do it seems a million miles away! If you have too, don’t panic! Click here to see our little collection of some of our favourite stocking fillers. I hope you find some inspiration!

Gift tag

Happy Christmas from Lahloo

And don’t forget:
♥ order 3 or more pouches and we’ll deliver them free
♥ just email us and we can wrap them for you!
♥ order until 1pm Monday 22nd December by 1st Class or 1pm on Thursday 23rd December by Special Delivery in time for those stockings.

Enjoy your Christmas and here’s to a fabulous 2010!

Harvey Nichols – Green Jasmine tea tasting

14 Dec

We were lucky enough to be invited to a fantastic supplier tasting event at Harvey Nichols Food Market in Bristol last Thursday during late night shopping. We were one of a group of unique suppliers that were invited to showcase our product,  through  a wonderful evening of tasting and discussing tea and tea chocolates.

Here I am at the ready to tell people about our most amazing jasmine tea, Green Jasmine, whilst they sipped on the refreshingly delicate tea. We had a fantastic response and people were blown away by our tea. It was great to see people’s eyes opened to just how good tea can be.

Tea and chocolate – a girls’ favourite things!

24 Aug

I can’t wait! The ultimate treat is soon to be launched – Damain Allsop’s Tea Chocolate Collection with our very own Lahloo loose leaf tea. Me, Neil and a couple of friends have been the very few lucky ones to have had the pleasure of Damian Allsop’s tea chocolate ‘wow’ factor experience.

Damian has re-invented the chocolate by not using cream or butter in his centres, instead he uses water. His unique water-based ganache is a gastronomic revolution that, with out the cream clouding your taste buds, creates a purer, more intense flavour with a lighter texture. None of us can stop raving about the amazing chocolatier and his truly sensational chocolate creations.

I’d been thinking of trying to find a chocolatier to work with ever since my tea chocolate truffles went down a storm last Christmas at the farmers’ markets. I hadn’t found anyone who’s chocolate wowed me until I tried one of Damian’s amazing chocolates at my favourite Abergavenny Sunday lunch spot (Stephen Terry‘s the Hardwick). It was a revelation and me being me, I scribbled down the name of the creator in my notebook to look up (my notebook is bulging with bits and bobs of inspiration from all over the world).

The rest is history as they say and Lahloo and Damian Allsop are in collaboration on the most amazing chocolate ganaches I have ever tried. We have worked on 3 tea based chocolates and we present to you citrusy Earl Grey, smokey Lapsang and fragrant Jasmine encased in the finest dark chocolate. As one friend of mine said, “This Green Jasmine tea chocolate is amazing; it tastes like I’m drinking a cup of the loose-leaf tea! It’s so good!” We have already given the go-ahead on tea chocolate collection and will be soon working on some other exciting chocolate creations. So watch this space.

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