Old Tea Favourite: New Tea Twist. Challenge No. 2 Results

12 Apr

Old Tea Favourite: New Tea Twist. Did we manage to coax our volunteers out of their ‘tea-rut’?

Tea Rut

Can they now confidently navigate their way through the exciting world of tea? Are they embracing change? Are they crying out for more delicious and new teas to discover?

You’ve guessed it! Of course they were! Read about our volunteers’ experiences here…

A) Georgia:

Self Confessed:  Breakfast tea and occasional herbal tea to make me feel virtuous! (usually when ‘over indulged’ aka: hung over!!)

Pre-Challenge: I drink loose leaf, but I mainly stick with the familiar as I have a ‘fear of failure’ which puts me off experimenting. I find temperature/infusion times a little daunting.

Experience: A lovely tea tasting experiment, thank you! Will definitely continue drinking the Dragon Pearls. I loved the tea…….mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Found the pearls ‘delicate and more-ish’ (didn’t know ‘posh’ tea could be). I could drink gallons of the stuff!

Also, I thought the English Peppermint was ‘Yowzah’! with a great minty taste and aroma. I like! I will continue with the English Peppermint.

B) Ian:

Self Confessed: Have been drinking tea most of my life, and being of Yorkshire origin a ‘good brew’ is like my bread and butter (of which I have none being a vegan).

Pre-Challenge: Mixture of bagged teas-herbal/fruit and loose peppermint, fennel, rooibosh and chamomile.

Experience: The Lahloo Japanese green tea was a welcome change! Re-use the leaves several times and it tastes very natural/organic with a deep, fresh ‘after-taste’.  The spinach of the tea world – and I love spinach!

Confession: I had a Twinning’s green tea (which I had previously) but wasn’t impressed with the “staleness” compared to your green tea.

Good hint: Make sure you use the correct temperature of water, around 70C (cooled for 3 mins after boiling) for green tea rather than 20 seconds of tea bag dunking!!!

C) Dan:

Pre-Challenge: An ex ‘coffee caffeine head’ who has turned to the green and herbal tea world to keep me on the straight and narrow. Unfortunately, I’ve not found anything that gives me the kick I need to keep me going and give me focus. Nothing quite gets me in the zone. I miss the ‘buzz’ of coffee caffeine to get my head ‘wide awake’ but I don’t like the edgy feeling it give me physically. The caffeine jitters!

Experience: I tried Guricha green tea. It’s perfect. Tastes MAZERS! Perfect for mentally getting him going but physically keeping him nice and chilled. Really good balance of flavour. I love the taste. It reminds me of spring and freshly mown lawns. It’s lovely with a smooth, creamy texture and a calming, grounding effect. It made me want to do yoga”.

D) Emily

Pre-Challenge: I’m not normally that adventurous when it comes to tea. When it comes to loose leaf tea, I’m even more unimaginative. I normally choose plain black or green tea, or add fresh mint leaves to boiling water.

Experience: When I make myself a cup of tea, it’s because I want something refreshing to drink – I’m not a big fan of plain water! Lahloo’s Orchid oolong loose leaf tea definitely hit the spot in this respect. It’s an amazingly fragrant, floral tea – but not overpowering, with a natural sweetness that I’m not used to from the teas that I normally drink.

Result: The tea won a gold Great Taste Award in 2010, and it’s easy to see why – it’s not only delicious and refreshing, but looks stunning too…now I just need to decide which one to try next!

Watch out for the next opportunity to get involved in one of tea challenges…

3 Responses to “Old Tea Favourite: New Tea Twist. Challenge No. 2 Results”

  1. Lynne April 13, 2011 at 16:21 #

    got to agree with the results, dragon pearls and orchid oolong are my daily cuppas these days. I have a “wardrobe” of teas, but I come back to these 2 again and again 🙂

    • lahlootea April 22, 2011 at 17:19 #

      So glad you’ve discovered that a wardrobe of tea is a real pleasure. And lovely to hear you enjoy tow of our favourites.


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