Work Challenge Results

16 Jun

Bored tea break

When I found Zoe and Alice (the lovely ladies who keep all of us sane at The Office) looking a little down I challenged them to the Lahloo Work Place Challenge! Once I had reassured them both that the only requirement from them was to replace their usual tea with Lahloo tea, they were keen to get involved! I even offered to make their first cuppa for them…

Zoe is expecting her first baby so was keen to choose a caffeine free option and Alice wanted something to help with her sluggish digestion, so the obvious choice was English Peppermint. Quintessentially English this tasty tea really hits the spot! Alice and Zoe both raved about it and were happy to ditch their old tea.

In the words of Alice, “Tea for me used to be a mundane experience.  However once I tried the Lahloo peppermint tea I was totally converted!  As soon as it passes my lips I feel full of zingy goodness and completely galvanized (if that’s a word…)”

Zoe thought it was “really delicious and her ‘bump’ agreed too!

happy tea days

Happy days!

So if like Alice and Zoe, you and your work colleagues need something new in your daily working life, why not take up the tea challenge? We are looking for volunteers to waken up to the world of Lahloo tea and we want to add a little sunshine to your day!

Sounds like you? Get in touch with Vicky at Lahloo by email here and the tea will be with you next week.

PS all we ask in return is a little blog about how you all got on, oh and a photo!


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