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Tea-cycling tips to celebrate Bristol’s Big Green Week

7 Jun

On Saturday the 9th Lahloo Pantry will be on Corn Street for Bristol’s Big Green Week. All around St. Nicholas’ Market you’ll find the most inspiring and exciting independent businesses from the South West! There’ll be plenty of things to do, so come and say hello to the Pantry team if you’re around.

To celebrate Bristol’s Big Green week here are our favourite tea-cycling tips! 

1. Loose tea is greener: 

Brits consume 165 million cups of tea every day, according to The Guardian. Although teabags can be composted, some of them are partly made of a nasty-sounding material called polypropylene, which isn’t fully bio-degradable. Some teabags have staples that aren’t bio-degradable or environmentally-friendly either.

Drinking loose tea generates less waste, plus you can reinfuse your leaves up to 6 or 7 times depending on the type of tea! (Check our website if in doubt!). Each reinfusion will taste diferently to the previous one, and observing the subtle changes is a wonderful way of exploring tea.

2. Reinvent your old China:

– Use old cups and saucers to plant fresh culinary herbs and put them on your windowsill. Basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano or sage are always essential!

-Use teacups and saucers as a centrepiece, to display fresh flowers. They create a unique, vintage and very British touch.

Flowers in teacups by Flowers for Eddie at Lahloo Pantry

3. Re-imagine your old tea tins: 

 Use old tea tins to make candles, as planters or to display your flowers.

More display ideas by Flowers for Eddie 


A Tea Workshop for chocoholics

10 Apr

If you’re crazy about chocolate, you can’t miss our next Tea Workshop on Thursday the 26th of April! The food of the gods has been the inspiring force behind this month’s selection. Discover which tea enhances the flavour of dark chocolate, which has notes of cocoa nibs or which is perfect to use as an ingredient in a chocolate tart.

Founder Kate will guide you during the tea tasting, showing you the story behind our teas, their health benefits and how to pair them with food.

As usual, tickets are £15 but they’re 100% redeemable, so at the end of the workshop you’ll be able to choose your favourites and take them home to recreate the experience!

To book your place, call Lahloo Pantry on 0117 329 2029 or e-mail hello@lahloopantry.co.uk.

Sssh…here’s a sneak preview of our new store frontage!

19 Sep

Unbelievably, it’s just under 3 weeks to go until we open the doors to our very unique tea rooms and store In Clifton Village, Bristol. Here’s our first image of what our store front will look like. It’s great to see Kate’s dreams coming to life. There’s still a lot to do but the builders assure Kate that they are right on track for us to open on Friday 7th October!

pantry frontageVery very exciting indeed!

PS don’t forget to enter our WIN TEA FOR A YEAR COMPETITION HERE

Ssshh…Lahloo news

12 Sep

Lahloo logo


So do you like our new logo? I hope you’re well and that you enjoyed a lovely summer. I’d like to thank you for your continued support of Lahloo Tea and for really getting behind what I have been trying to achieve. It makes a real difference to us to have such wonderfully supportive customers.

We’ve had a busy summer working on some very exciting developments here at Lahloo. This is your sneak preview of everything we’ve been beavering away on over the summer! Lucky people!

I remember September as a little girl. Lots of excitement because I got to choose new shoes (every girls dream)! Well, this September I feel strangely similar. But instead of new shoes for me, this year it’s a new look, fresh feel and even a new home for Lahloo!

New Lahloo home

This is 12 Kings Road, Clifton, Bristol – Lahloo’s new home.  From the beginning of October (if those builders get cracking) we will be moving from our base in central Bristol to our first Lahloo concept tea store in Bristol’s beautiful Clifton village.  The Lahloo Pantry is a huge, and very exciting, step for us and one I see as a real opportunity to bring the true artisanal side of Lahloo to life.


We have some really exciting new teas, producers and tea ware coming your way. This is one of our new producers – the oldest tea farmer in the world – 111 year old Arthur Njuguna Komo! If the tea is behind his youthful looks, I’m making it my daily cuppa!

Just think of us as the same old Lahloo just a little bit better! It’s like starting a new school; so exciting but also a little bit scary! I hope that you will follow our progress here and like the results of our labour when we’re done!

Thanks again and keep drinking Lahloo Tea,

Kate x  x (Lahloo founder)

Grafik Mag | Runway Route

5 May

We are really proud to be serving the tea to go with biscuits from the Biscuiteers and juices from top juice mixologists Juiceology at Amelia Gregory’s wonderful #ACOFI Book Tour. 

Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration *featuring the very best in ethical fashion design* was published at the end of 2010, and is the second publication from Amelia’s House, the book publishing wing of Amelia’s Magazine. It is a showcase for the work of thirty up and coming fashion illustrators who have interpreted the work of 45 exciting new ethical fashion designers, as well as plenty of good independent design that was first featured online at Amelia’s Magazine.


Find out more here:  Grafik Mag | Runway Route.

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Hot gossip: Lahloo tea will be at Glasto this year!

1 May


Yes, you read that right! Lahloo Tea is going to be available at this years’ Glastonbury Festival! And we are uber excited!

More details to follow but in a nutshell, in our bid to make sure that everyone knows that Lahloo Tea is real tea for real people we jumped  at the chance of serving festival goers cups and cups of delicious Lahloo Tea. As part of a Bristol conglomerate trading under the umbrella of EAT BRISTOL, we will bring all of you a welcome relief from the usual murky insipid cuppa available!

Check out our progress here on this blog under the tags, Glastonbury and Eat Bristol, or here @eatbristol

Lahloo Tea: real tea for real people ♥

28 Apr


This is me as a little girl. I’ve always loved nice things to eat and drink – especially jam on toast! In those days, tea wasn’t my thing like it is now! But people were. I have always been a real extrovert – I love people!  So, one of the things I love most about running my own business, Lahloo Tea, is meeting really interesting people.

With all the things we get involved in with Lahloo Tea throughout the year, we meet some wonderful people and make really great friends. It also means I get to do what I love most – talk about (and I can talk for England) truly fabulous tea! We even meet interesting folk on the 5th floor of our hub – this window cleaner recently dropped in for a cuppa. Real tea for real people!

Window cleaner

At food festivals like Abergavenny, Dartmouth and The Real Food Festival the highlight for me is meeting gourmet-loving foodies, fellow food and drink producers, chefs and restaurateurs and retail buyers. And with a simple cup of tea, I can open their eyes up to this gourmet epiphany that is just waiting to be unearthed.

Not only is it great fun meeting people, it’s also fun to taste wonderful things (and take home swapsies)! My fav’s have been Orchard Pig, Pieminister, Rude Health, Yeo Valley and Hobbs House and Trethowan’s Dairy Gorwydd Caerphilly!

I’ve also enjoyed (and look forward to working with) other passionate producers to create something really unique.  Working with the Willy Wonka-like Damian Allsop to create our sensational tea chocolates was so much fun – not to mention tasty! And we love our bite-sized shortbread treats from Hart’s Bakery.

Sweet treats

But one of the most interesting parts is meeting those people who take the plunge and choose to help me challenge people’s views on serving loose leaf tea. They’ve chosen to upgrade their tea offering by serving and/or retailing Lahloo Tea. Not only do I get to meet brilliantly talented chefs, like The Walnut Tree’s Shaun Hill (he is a great character and a real advocate of Lahloo Tea), The Seahorse and Rockfish Grill chef-owner Mitch Tonks and Gordon Ramsey’s Best Restaurant winners 2011 Jonray and Pete Sanchez, I also meet inspirational, fun entrepreneurs like James Layfield and Steve Pette at Central Working.


Thank you so much to all of you who have helped me spread the word that Lahloo Tea really is real tea for real people ♥! Long may we continue!

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