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Join us on our first Tea Workshop of the year!

11 Jan


Write this date in your diaries: Thursday the 19th of January, 6-8pm at Lahloo Pantry in Clifton! We’ll be hosting our first Tea Workshop of the year!

Taste our selection of teas: this month you’ll discover our most rejuvenating and purifying teas, the healthiest -perfect for a fresh new start!

Learn about the story behind them: type, origin, process, how to pair them with food and health benefits.

Take home your favourites! Tickets are 100% redeemable so you can go back home with a bag of goodies!

Tickets cost £15 and places are limited, so book fast! E-mail hello@lahloopantry.co.uk or give us a call on 0117 329 2029.

Welcoming Ben to Lahloo Tea!

15 Jul




It’s no joke when we say we were literally inundated with responses to our recent ad for a new TEAm member. We’ve got to say there were some great candidates around and it was a very tough decision to make but Ben’s positive, fun  attitude and enthusiasm really shone through. He’s only been here a short while but we know 100% we made a great decision by snapping Ben up and can’t wait to see how he develops and takes his role. Quite simply, he rocks!

When we first met him Ben, he was honest and admitted his usual tipple was builders tea and only ever the teabag variety but loved the sound of Lahloo as a company and couldn’t wait to try all the different teas we had to offer! To work for Lahloo it’s important to be passionate about our teas but most importantly to be open-minded and keen to discover the joy of good quality loose leaf tea!

Ben summed up his first few weeks for us;


” My favourites are Earl Grey (I can see why it won Great Taste Awards this year and last) and Guri-cha. Also, the Matcha totally rocks!!! It’s a super tea packed full of amazing antioxidants and it really keeps me going! It’s a pleasure to be surrounded by such tasty teas and knowing how much care has gone into producing them. I trust Lahloo as a company and this is really important to me. I never realised just how much better Lahloo tea could be than my old teabags, but you just can’t compare them! I’ve even converted my family, girlfriend and my best mate-and that’s after a couple of weeks! It’s easy to see why Kate and the team are so passionate about their teas. I can’t wait to find out more…..”





Old Tea Favourite: New Tea Twist. Challenge No. 2 Results

12 Apr

Old Tea Favourite: New Tea Twist. Did we manage to coax our volunteers out of their ‘tea-rut’?

Tea Rut

Can they now confidently navigate their way through the exciting world of tea? Are they embracing change? Are they crying out for more delicious and new teas to discover?

You’ve guessed it! Of course they were! Read about our volunteers’ experiences here…

A) Georgia:

Self Confessed:  Breakfast tea and occasional herbal tea to make me feel virtuous! (usually when ‘over indulged’ aka: hung over!!)

Pre-Challenge: I drink loose leaf, but I mainly stick with the familiar as I have a ‘fear of failure’ which puts me off experimenting. I find temperature/infusion times a little daunting.

Experience: A lovely tea tasting experiment, thank you! Will definitely continue drinking the Dragon Pearls. I loved the tea…….mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Found the pearls ‘delicate and more-ish’ (didn’t know ‘posh’ tea could be). I could drink gallons of the stuff!

Also, I thought the English Peppermint was ‘Yowzah’! with a great minty taste and aroma. I like! I will continue with the English Peppermint.

B) Ian:

Self Confessed: Have been drinking tea most of my life, and being of Yorkshire origin a ‘good brew’ is like my bread and butter (of which I have none being a vegan).

Pre-Challenge: Mixture of bagged teas-herbal/fruit and loose peppermint, fennel, rooibosh and chamomile.

Experience: The Lahloo Japanese green tea was a welcome change! Re-use the leaves several times and it tastes very natural/organic with a deep, fresh ‘after-taste’.  The spinach of the tea world – and I love spinach!

Confession: I had a Twinning’s green tea (which I had previously) but wasn’t impressed with the “staleness” compared to your green tea.

Good hint: Make sure you use the correct temperature of water, around 70C (cooled for 3 mins after boiling) for green tea rather than 20 seconds of tea bag dunking!!!

C) Dan:

Pre-Challenge: An ex ‘coffee caffeine head’ who has turned to the green and herbal tea world to keep me on the straight and narrow. Unfortunately, I’ve not found anything that gives me the kick I need to keep me going and give me focus. Nothing quite gets me in the zone. I miss the ‘buzz’ of coffee caffeine to get my head ‘wide awake’ but I don’t like the edgy feeling it give me physically. The caffeine jitters!

Experience: I tried Guricha green tea. It’s perfect. Tastes MAZERS! Perfect for mentally getting him going but physically keeping him nice and chilled. Really good balance of flavour. I love the taste. It reminds me of spring and freshly mown lawns. It’s lovely with a smooth, creamy texture and a calming, grounding effect. It made me want to do yoga”.

D) Emily

Pre-Challenge: I’m not normally that adventurous when it comes to tea. When it comes to loose leaf tea, I’m even more unimaginative. I normally choose plain black or green tea, or add fresh mint leaves to boiling water.

Experience: When I make myself a cup of tea, it’s because I want something refreshing to drink – I’m not a big fan of plain water! Lahloo’s Orchid oolong loose leaf tea definitely hit the spot in this respect. It’s an amazingly fragrant, floral tea – but not overpowering, with a natural sweetness that I’m not used to from the teas that I normally drink.

Result: The tea won a gold Great Taste Award in 2010, and it’s easy to see why – it’s not only delicious and refreshing, but looks stunning too…now I just need to decide which one to try next!

Watch out for the next opportunity to get involved in one of tea challenges…

So, was our ‘Tea and Tovolo Challenge’ enough to persuade you to give up a tea bag habit for good?

3 Mar

Have you changed the habit of a life time to enjoy delicious loose tea all-day-everyday yet? If not, why not? What have you got to lose!

We are on a mission to encourage you to enjoy Lahloo Tea, all-day-everyday! We want you to enjoy Lahloo Tea as an everyday indulgence, not ‘just on special occasions’. Life is too short not to!

To help us on our mission we enrolled the help of our first set of lovely tea volunteers and asked them  to go ‘loose leaf’ for a week. Now we love our loose leaves and we don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t, but we needed to test our leaves on real hardened tea bag drinkers. We sent them all a Tovolo tea infuser and a pouch of Lahloo Breakfast tea. Then we simply waited for the results…

Tea hum drum

Was our ‘Tea and Tovolo Challenge’ enough to persuade our readers to give up their tea bag habit for good?

So have their habits changed? Are they sticking with loose leaf and enjoying it every day? Of course they are! Here’s their first hand experience…

Tea heaven

Volunteer No 1:  Sophie

Self Confessed:  “tea slurping, biscuit eating working Mum and wife”

Pre challenge:  “tea infusing is rather decadent, naturally slower.” “tea bags are quicker and easier.”

Overview:  “instructions were simple. A triumph of making ‘proper’ tea in a modern simplistic way”.

Experience: “it was a pleasure to spend a week using my Tovolo and the Lahloo Breakfast tea was just divine. I’m using at home now but with a view to convert work colleagues, to use it on the tea round-not brave enough yet!”

Overall: Thumbs up!Thumbs up! She’s sticking.

Volunteer No 2:  Sarah

Self Confessed: “tea fiend”

Pre challenge: used tea bags “mostly out of habit!” And “loose leaf would be messy and somewhat more complicated”.

Overview:  “the Tovolo tea infuser makes the process very easy, less than a minute to use it. No mess no fuss!”

Experience:  “loved using it at work/home. I’ll be sticking with loose leaves in my Tovolo from now on. The Lahloo Breakfast is an aromatic flavour which is much smoother. I’ve been filling it up ready to go and then giving it to my work colleagues on the tea run!”

Overall:  Thumbs up!Sticking, thank you!

Volunteer No 3:  Joanna

Self Confessed:  lives in a “tea crazy household”

Pre challenge:  used tea bags and has about 20 (big brand) teas on the go!

Overview:  “the ease and convenience are pretty handy. Making a nice cup tea is very easy”.

Experience:  Slightly mixed.  “I loved the leaves but not 100% sure about the Tovolo. I rate the tea extremely highly for flavour and fragrance that you just don’t get with PG Tips and Twinnings”.

Overall: Thumbs up!Sticking with the leaves thumbs down not sure about the Tovolo. Hey ho, we can’t win them all!

So, there we are! In a nutshell, a resounding success for Lahloo Tea and Tovolos! Why not try it yourself? Simply purchase our Tovolo tea infuser and Lahloo Breakfast  tea online, enter goloose at the checkout and receive the tea absolutely free for the rest of March. Shop now >

Just one request. We love having feedback, so please drop us a line with your views.

Happy Tovolo-ing!

Well done Casamia, winner of Gordon Ramsay’s best restaurant

10 Nov

As you know we supply Lahloo Tea to fabulous cafe-bars, gastro-pubs, restaurants, delis and spa hotels around Bristol, Bath, the Cotswolds, Devon and Wales. I love working with the truly inspirational people we supply (we wouldn’t be here  – they are all doing something very special in their own way. It’s great to see them being rewarded!

Our customers are on a roll! From Best Dining Pubs 2010 (see the post right here) to the Best New Cheese Retailer – Runner Up 2010 at The British Cheese Awards (well done Dave and Debbie at Arch House Deli) and now Gordon Ramsay’s Best Restaurant 2010 – the superb Casamia in Westbury-on-Trym.

First of all, huge Congratulations to you all at Casamia! You deserve it!

Secondly, what makes them so special in our eyes. Always one to hunt out new and interesting places, I came across Casamia and was intrigued by their amazing menu. When I was treated to dinner by my wonderful other half for our wedding anniversary, I was blown away. Down an unassuming alleyway in a suburb of Bristol was a hidden gem!

Casamia - hidden gem!

At the heart of this little Italian restaurant is a truly lovely family – the Sanchez-Inglesias’. Mama and Papa, Paco and Susan, ran Casamia before, in 2006, their sons – Jonray and Peter – took over with their experimental, ground-breaking, boundary-pushing fabulous Italian inspired food. Now, eating at Casamia was a real experience and I loved it. Not surprisingly the young chefs, only in their twenties, soon won a much coveted Michelin Star. The boys are inspirational and full of new ideas – some of which I have been sworn to secrecy on!

The family behind Casamia

I spent some wonderful afternoons tasting and discovering tea with the boys and their passion for ingredients was exciting. It was their appreciation of ingredients as a holistic sensory experience that stood out for me. Just like the liquid nitrogen they used in the final to create the fresh aromas of lemon groves on the Amalfi Coast! We finally chose a list and began working out just how to serve each one. They have been serving Lahloo Tea beautifully since the summer this year. Thank you for your enthusiasm and interest, boys.

When the boys told me they’d entered, I was so happy for them. And now, I’m even happier. Well done!

Visit their site at: http://www.casamiarestaurant.co.uk/

or follow Casamia chefs Pete and Jon Sanchez on Twitter

Lahloo Tea wins Gold in the Great Taste Awards 2010

20 Jul Great Taste Gold

We’ve done it! We have won GREAT TASTE GOLD for 4 of our sensational loose leaf teas . We got the exciting phone call the other day and have been dancing around the room since with huge grins on our faces!

For those of you who don’t know, the GREAT TASTE AWARDS, or the “the Oscars of the Food Industry”, happen every year and are considered by many to be the most important for speciality food and drink. Completely independent and uncompromisingly rigorous, a GREAT TASTE GOLD is trusted by retailers, buyers and consumers alike. For tea a GREAT TASTE GOLD is what a MICHELIN STAR is to a fine dining chef.

Before Gold is awarded, a minimum of 8 experts – usually as many as 16 – taste, discuss and agree.  This year, the Guild recruited even more experts who, worked with key buyers, retailers, chefs and food writers, blind tasted the 6000 plus entries (wow what a task) to ensure they were skilfully and independently assessed.

I’m so happy to say that despite us and our loyal fans being confident that Lahloo Tea has a damn fine and tasty range of loose leaf tea, we can now proudly say we have an award-winning range of really tasty tea! Thank you everyone and don’t forget to celebrate with your extra special cup and saucer and a biscuit or two!

A round of applause please here they are…. the award winners!

Lahloo Earl Grey

Afternoon star!


Lovely oolong!


Cinnamon gold!


Golden nibs!

We’d love to hear which Lahloo Tea you’d love to see here next year. Please tell us below…

Join us for tea in Cheltenham

14 Jun

This week is looking busy but really lovely. I am going to be spending rather a lot of time in and around Cheltenham. I love Cheltenham and despite there already being some lovely spots in other parts of the Cotswolds that serve and retail Lahloo Tea, we haven’t taken our lipsmackingly tasty tea to Cheltenham yet. Don’t panic Cheltenham we are coming this week!

I’m starting by sharing a lovely cuppa at elevenses with The Daffodil to tell them more about serving really delicious tea, then I’m going to train the wonderful team at Cowley Manor Hotel and C-Side Spa on serving Lahloo Tea (they are serving it in the really cool Tovolo tea infusers rather than tea pots so it’s going to be great) and finally I’m delivering new tea orders to the gorgeous Bob Parkinson’s Made By Bob and SallyAnn Bliss’ gorgeous PUREbliss Organics barn.

Cheltenham Food Festival 201018th, 19th and 20th June 2010

Then on Friday we’ll be at the 2010 Cheltenham Food Festival sharing Lahloo Tea with festival goers.The Cheltenham Food and Drink Festival 2010 returns to Montpellier Gardens in the summer, for more gastronomic delights, a celebrity guest appearance from Antonio Carluccio and the chance to eat, drink and be very merry. Come along to stand E17 and find our more about how delicious Lahloo Tea is.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Montpellier Gardens

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