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Tea Heroes 2012 – the results!

9 Jan

A few weeks ago we asked you to help us choose the Tea Heroes of 2012! First of all, we want to thank you all for your responses. We’ve already contacted the winner of a Tea Discovery tea taster set, so congratulations! Now it’s time to share the results! Hopefully this will help you discover a new tea -or maybe confirm that you were right about your favourites!


OPULENT BLACK ………………….. Spice Chai (32.4%)

Beating Bristol Brew by just one vote, the invigorating and comforting Spice Chai gets to the top of your trusted black teas!

INTRIGUING OOLONG …………… Orchid (36.1%)

This oolong is so stunning that even thieves love it! Our whole consignment of Orchid was stolen and we’re currently trying to source an alternative! True story. Too much Orchid love.

GALVANISING GREEN …………. Matcha (28.6%)

The mighty Matcha gets your vote, followed closely by Green Jasmine. Once you try Matcha there’s no turning back!

ALLURING WHITE …………….. White Peony (30.6%)

This seemed to be a difficult choice! White Peony, Snow Jewel and White Whisper got nearly the same number of votes.

HERBAL THERAPY…………….. Peppermint (28.6%)

The trusted English favourite beats the exotic Mulberry by just one vote!


Do you agree with the results?


Happy Christmas!

24 Dec


The Queen of Tea

21 Dec

Over ten centuries ago, the Chinese emperor Hui Zhong proclaimed it to be the culmination of all that is elegant. Lahloo founder Kate talks about why white tea is the Queen of Tea! Video by Raspberry and Jam.

Snow Jewel vodka cocktail

5 Dec

This sophisticated white tea and vodka cocktail is definitely one of our party season essentials. Refreshing, fruity and easy to prepare, it’s bound to score you bonus points with your guests because of the unexpected ingredient -tea, naturally! And not just any tea, but the purest, most refined kind!  For this cocktail we’ve used Snow Jewel, but try it also with White Whisper.



  • 50ml Snow Jewel infused vodka
  • 15ml Simple Syrup
  • Soda Water
  • Lime

Infuse 3g tea per 50ml vodka for about an hour. Strain the tea out.  Add the infused vodka and simple syrup over ice.

Top up the glass with soda and stir, squeeze in the lime and leave as a garnish.

I bet you didn’t know that tea…

16 Apr

…comes from the same plant!

Tasting real tea for the first time is often compared to discovering the complex world of wine. Amazingly, all tea is made from the same plant (camellia sinensis) whether it’s black, oolong, green or white. Tea leaves flourishing

Like wine, cheese and whisky, tea‘s unique characteristics are influenced by the ‘terroir’ – where it’s from, what the soil is like, how high the land is and what the weather conditions are, not to mention who produced it.

Revitalising, invigorating, calming, restoring, uplifting and simply delicious, the tea sourced by Lahloo is a completely different experience to the mass-produced tea made in huge factories purely for profit rather than quality.

Lahloo teas are all about taste and provenance and they will take you on an exciting journey through your senses. Whether it’s for your morning cuppa or for tea-based cocktails, Lahloo has a tea for every occasion, every taste and every pocket.

…and it is really healthy!

You’ll find all these in a cup of tea:

Flavonoids or anti-oxidants

♥        are found in all teas but the highest concentration is found in green and white tea

♥        help fight infection as well as keeping wrinkles at bay by neutralizing free radicals.

♥        called Catechins are the most powerful; they provide protection when cancer radiation treatment is used.

♥        called Polyphenols have antiviral, anticancer and antioxidant properties

Natural Fluoride (not to be confused with chemical fluoride)

♥        is found mostly in green and white tea

♥        prevents the formation of plaque on the teeth, which in turn helps to control dental disease.


♥        is found in all tea. Green and white tea are dramatically lower in caffeine than black tea which still only contains about half as much caffeine as coffee.

♥        in tea does not over-stimulate the nervous system, as with coffee, but gives a light refreshing lift


♥        high levels of soluble Vitamin C and has been shown to help with Vitamin C absorption.

♥        Thiamine B1, Riboflavin B2, Pantothenic Acid, A/B Vitamin compound and Niacin.

Lahloo pledge

♥        Vitamin A and E


♥        Iron, Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Potassium and Sodium.

Now you know! Enjoy every little healthy sip and take time to enjoy the good stuff.

Tea and a good soak in the bath!

18 Mar

Hello it’s Kate here! I’ve just got back from a busy day driving here there and everywhere in the Cotswolds. I’m not complaining as it really is the most beautiful place to drive through! I felt really lucky and thought how lovely to escape the buzz and noise of the city as I pulled into the drive of the first gorgeous ‘contemporary-chic’ hotel I was meeting with (I will be back here soon to tell you about the hotel). The birds were chirping, there were little purple and yellow crocus nestled in clusters at the feet of the tree trunks and there were tiny little lambs baaing and bleating and wobbling around the surrounding fields. Bliss!

It seemed like a really long day of driving, talking, meeting new people, tasting tea, looking at numbers while at the same time trying to find spots of reception in such an unspoilt place to reply to urgent emails and phone calls and of course keep up with the world of twitter! So, it was lovely to arrive back, unload the car and land in a familiar place. All I fancied was a long soak in an indulgent bath, a  pot of soothing tea and a flick through my latest glossy magazine.

Kate's dream bath!

Kate's dream bath!

At the village shop I treated myself to a Green & Spring Indulging Bath Oil and candle –  comforting rose, sensual jasmine, restorative elderflower and restful clover – so that’s exactly what I did! And how good it was – even though I didn’t have a bath quite like my dream bath!

Utterly indulgent

Green & Spring Indulging Home Candle

To top of my indulgent evening I made a pot of uplifting Rosey white tea to sip while I chilled out,  listed to the sounds of Paper Aeroplanes, flicked through RED magazine and soothed away the stresses of the day. I can’t recommend it enough. But, what would your favourite product, tea and music to wind down to?

Lahloo giveaway, simply tell us about your tea habit

8 Feb
We’ve just sent out our latest newsletter and we’re after your help.
a good book & a cup of tea
For Bristol-based illustrator, Hannah Broadway (left), tea and a good book go hand-in-hand – “You never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me (C.S. Lewis). So true!
We’d love to know more about your tea habits, so we’ve devised a little survey to help. If you have 2 minutes to spare over a cup of tea, simply click below. As we’re really nice peeps, we’ll give the first 50 of you £5.00 off you next tea order to say Thank you!
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