Take a leaf out of this lady’s book!

15 Jan

Perhaps the USA isn’t best known for its consumption of tea, but we have caught up with one American woman who has truly embraced the tea world in all its loose leaf glory. Her name is Meagan Lopez, or as others have grown to know her, The Lady Who Lunches. As the snow is finally beginning to melt, we ask her what has drawn her to welcome with open arms a typically English tradition such as tea drinking into her sphere, and why she is of the opinion that tea is bigger than ever in the states.

We begin the interview sipping a newly infused Snow Jewel silver needle white tea in the Arch House Deli in Clifton Village, and we get to chatting…

This Lady lunches!

The Lady who Lunches!

When were you first introduced to tea?

Although coffee was the predominant drink of my adolescence, when I moved to California for University I found that coffee just wasn’t cutting it any more. Not only did it give me the worst breath known to man, it also left me with throbbing headaches and stomach pains. I needed something to keep me awake to study but without the bad effects. Plus, Californians are very healthy people in general, and I was quickly brought up to date with the benefits of drinking herbal teas, green teas and white teas. I started introducing it into my lifestyle pretty much immediately.

What is it about tea that has kept you a fan after all this time?

Honestly, there’s nothing better. As a woman, there are more benefits to drinking tea than we have time for me to explain. I find that I feel more energized after drinking tea. If I want to diet, green tea serves as a great appetite suppressant. If something I’ve eaten isn’t processed well, peppermint tea is the most amazing digestive. It’s soothing, healing and brings me back to life after a big night out. Plus, black tea has just enough caffeine to give you that lift.

The thing I’ve been the most impressed with since finding Lahloo are how natural and vibrant the ingredients you use are. I mean, to be able to look at the tea mixture and pick out the actual leaves, the chamomile flowers, the cinnamon sticks in the Chai tea. It amazes me. This may sound completely ignorant, but I don’t think I really realized that tea came from actual leaves until I was introduced to you guys. Ridiculous, right?

Thanks Meagan. Watch this space, we’ll be delving into more tea journeys…


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