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Bath celebrates cafe culture

12 Apr

Bath Coffee festival 2010So, the UK’s first coffee festival will be held in Bath on May 15th and 16th 2010 and we are taking Lahloo Tea along. You see in our eyes, if you appreciate a really good espresso, and I mean a really good espresso, then you can enjoy a cracking cup of tea too! You wouldn’t settle for a dusty insipid cup of coffee would you, so why are most people happy to sip a dusty brew? It’s about time people expected the same from their tea leaves as they do from their coffee beans and we are going to be there to help you.

Do you know anything about tea? Is it a world of unknowns? Don’t be scared, we’ll take you on a journey of discovery and help you find your cup of tea! We’ll help you fathom out the difference between green and white tea and black and oolong tea. We’ll be on hand to help you whether you want to swap your regular old brew for our reviving Lahloo Breakfast tea or you want to find something more unique. Maybe the delicate and fresh taste of Rosey white tea could tickle your taste buds! That’s the great thing about tea, each one is so different so you can find just what you’re looking for. Intrigued aren’t you?

It’s going to be a brilliant 2 day celebration of all things cafe culture and we’re really looking forward to introducing more people to the fabulous tastes and aromas of loose leaf tea. They’ll be loads going on including expert barista sessions, roasting master classes, latte art demonstrations, as well as educational talks, films about coffee and music from the coffee growing regions. So come along and say ‘Hello’ over a cup of tea and find out just how good tea should taste.


Tea and a good soak in the bath!

18 Mar

Hello it’s Kate here! I’ve just got back from a busy day driving here there and everywhere in the Cotswolds. I’m not complaining as it really is the most beautiful place to drive through! I felt really lucky and thought how lovely to escape the buzz and noise of the city as I pulled into the drive of the first gorgeous ‘contemporary-chic’ hotel I was meeting with (I will be back here soon to tell you about the hotel). The birds were chirping, there were little purple and yellow crocus nestled in clusters at the feet of the tree trunks and there were tiny little lambs baaing and bleating and wobbling around the surrounding fields. Bliss!

It seemed like a really long day of driving, talking, meeting new people, tasting tea, looking at numbers while at the same time trying to find spots of reception in such an unspoilt place to reply to urgent emails and phone calls and of course keep up with the world of twitter! So, it was lovely to arrive back, unload the car and land in a familiar place. All I fancied was a long soak in an indulgent bath, a  pot of soothing tea and a flick through my latest glossy magazine.

Kate's dream bath!

Kate's dream bath!

At the village shop I treated myself to a Green & Spring Indulging Bath Oil and candle –  comforting rose, sensual jasmine, restorative elderflower and restful clover – so that’s exactly what I did! And how good it was – even though I didn’t have a bath quite like my dream bath!

Utterly indulgent

Green & Spring Indulging Home Candle

To top of my indulgent evening I made a pot of uplifting Rosey white tea to sip while I chilled out,  listed to the sounds of Paper Aeroplanes, flicked through RED magazine and soothed away the stresses of the day. I can’t recommend it enough. But, what would your favourite product, tea and music to wind down to?

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