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Hot gossip: Lahloo tea will be at Glasto this year!

1 May


Yes, you read that right! Lahloo Tea is going to be available at this years’ Glastonbury Festival! And we are uber excited!

More details to follow but in a nutshell, in our bid to make sure that everyone knows that Lahloo Tea is real tea for real people we jumped  at the chance of serving festival goers cups and cups of delicious Lahloo Tea. As part of a Bristol conglomerate trading under the umbrella of EAT BRISTOL, we will bring all of you a welcome relief from the usual murky insipid cuppa available!

Check out our progress here on this blog under the tags, Glastonbury and Eat Bristol, or here @eatbristol


Have you gone conkers?

5 Oct

ConkersConkers remind me of the simple pleasures of autumn and of being a little girl! We had a huge tree in the front garden and every autumn I was the envy of every kid in the playground!

Autumn days were spent gathering conkers, dashing inside for tea and biscuits in front of the fire and getting them ready for battle! Cracking open the spiky green skins revealed the gorgeous glossy conker. Dad would help skewer a hole right through – carefully, without it cracking – and I’d thread string through.

I just hoped my conker (and fingers – ouch) would outlast swings from the other kids and I’d be the conker champ! So simple but oh so competitive! There’s even been a World Conker Championship every October since 1965 in Northamptonshire!

I saw these the other day walking through the woods and while I didn’t prepare for a conker battle, I did rush home, put the fire on, make a pot of amber oolong tea and grabbed the biscuit tin! Autumn perfection!

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