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The caffeine-free diaries. Week 1: the rise and fall

11 Jan

January is the month of the year in which everybody seems to be detoxing. At Lahloo we wanted a gentle approach, so this month is all about Herbal Therapy, a celebration of our herbal infusions (we’re offering 20% off all tisanes throughout the month!). Like many of you, we’ve turned to fresh fruit, lots of homemade vegetable and lean meat dishes, yoga and a relaxed attitude… and we’ve decided to go caffeine-free for a month!

As you probably would imagine, we’re all used to our morning matcha, a comforting cup of  black or a galvanising green hit to inspire us mid-afternoon. We normally save our herbals for the evening or as a bedtime ritual. But this month we want to give them a central place. Herbs are powerful, and each one has a different effect, so we’ll be exploring and discovering the adequate infusion for each moment. We’ll miss the flavour of our favourite teas, that’s for sure, but we believe we can make it through the month without having any caffeine!

Lahloo Sobacha

A vit B-rich combo: Sobacha and Marmite on toast!

Here’s the account of our first caffeine-free week!

Day 1. Monday. 

Feeling optimistic, maybe even a bit high.  Also getting competitive. At the end of the day, we feel virtuous and proud. But it’s only day 1.

Day 2. Tuesday. 

All feeling a bit sleepy in the morning, but nothing too dramatic. Sobacha (roasted buckwheat tea) going down a storm! Protein, minerals, mood-enhancing vitamin B… so much goodness!  Twitter friends warn us of nasty caffeine withdrawal symptoms. We’re still optimistic, as our usual caffeine intake comes from great quality tea, and we have to take the amino acid theanine (which has a soothing effect) into consideration!

Day 3. Wednesday. 

Midweek, and the afternoon is a critical point. After lunch, Hannah and Maria talk about how nice it’d be to eat a whole Amelia Rope chocolate bar. They both miss too much their usual pot of green tea! Meanwhile, Tidus is on a data entry mission… with no Bristol Brew! Kate: “I miss my morning matcha and my afternoon green tea! Not for the buzz but cos I love the flavour. I haven’t felt any rubbish side-effects or missed the caffeine for energy but have a couple of spots!”.

Day 4. Thursday.

It’s a cold day, so Kate has Sobacha and porridge for breakfast (internal central heating!). Maria and Hannah have a quick meeting in which they don’t drink any green tea, but a pot of soothing Rosebud. It’s a nice change, actually – its aromatherapeutical properties are noticeable, the scent and the flavour are as calming as a few minutes of meditation! Maria admits she’s having Genmaicha withdrawals. Hannah doesn’t know if she can live without Matcha (not even for a month).

Day 5. Friday.

Working from home and typing up the post you’re reading, Maria enjoys some Marmite on toast and a pot of Sobacha for elevenses…But just before she hits the Publish button, Twitter delivers the news…. Major caffeine crisis at the office! 


What? Treason!

And a minute later… uh - oh

Who was the first to fall? Will we give up after the first crisis?  Answer next week!

If you’ve gone caffeine-free, leave us a comment telling us about your experience! 

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