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Happiness is Tea and Chocolate

15 Feb

If you’re one of the regular readers of this blog, chances are that you wholeheartedly agree with the title of this post. It’s a universal truth: tea and chocolate can make everything better. The possibilities are endless: tea-infused hot chocolate, tea and chocolate biscuits, tea and a slice or two of chocolate cake, tea and a chocolate brownie, a chocolate pudding, chocolate doughnuts…

If you’re a scientist, a nutritionist or a health food fanatic, a word will spring to mind: flavonoids! Both tea and chocolate contain this antioxidant organic compound, which is actually good for you. But this time we aren’t going to talk about health benefits. We want to let our senses do the talking. This post is intended as a guide to satisfying all your tea and chocolate cravings. So here are our favourite combinations:

For a true chocolate feast… . Amber and chocolate brownies

Squidgy, decadent brownies, with an intense chocolate flavour and crunchy chunks of walnuts or hazelnuts require a sumptuous, full-bodied tea like our Taiwanese Amber oolong, with a light smokiness and hints of chocolate and passionfruit. A combination that will satisfy even the greediest chocaholic.

Lahloo Amber and chocolate brownies

Lahloo Amber and chocolate brownies

For a little treat…  Earl Grey and a chocolate madeleine

A petite chocolate madeleine is lighter, fluffier and smaller than a brownie, but sometimes that’s all you need to get your chocolate fix. The zesty flavour of Earl Grey will complement that of the chocolate as they both play in your mouth. If you take your Earl Grey with milk, try dunking your madeleine and enjoy an afternoon tea reminiscent of Marcel Proust, but still quintessentially English.

For a sophisticated healthy boost… Green Jasmine and single origin dark chocolate

Single origin, bittersweet dark chocolate is probably the most satisfying form of cocoa that exists – the food of the gods. Marvel at the way the divine flavours dance on your tongue when you pair the chocolate with a pot of fresh, crisp Green Jasmine tea. You won’t think of champagne and strawberries in the same way ever again.

Green Jasmine and a few pieces of single origin dark chocolate!

Green Jasmine and a few pieces of single origin dark chocolate!

For a dainty dessert… Rosebud and chocolate mousse

There’s something intriguing in a chocolate mousse. The combination of the light, airy texture and the intense flavour of chocolate is intriguing and provokes avid reactions. A cup of the alluring, pure and delicate Rosebud will enhance this otherwordliness and provide the best romantic dessert we can think of.

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Healthy matcha ice lollies

2 Aug

We adore iced matcha and matcha smoothies, so we knew that matcha ice lollies had to be amazing! We’ve tried two different variations and loved them both. If you prefer a creamier version, try the matcha and yogurt ice lollies. But if you’re in the mood for something fruitier, you’ll love the raspberry and matcha ones! They’re beautiful and slightly retro, and best of all, they’re completely guilt-free.

Matcha and raspberry ice lollies, 100% natural


Matcha and raspberry ice lollies

Place one heaped tsp of matcha in a bowl and add a splash of boiled water cooled to about 80C. Whisk until it forms a frothy paste. Top up with a bit of cold water. You can sweeten it to taste with honey or a little sugar if you like.

Blend half a punnet of raspberries adding just a little water.

Pour the matcha in the ice lolly moulds and add the blended raspberries on top. Put it in the freezer for about an hour, then take it out and add the ice lolly sticks. Put them back in and freeze overnight or for at least 5 hours. Lovely!



Beautiful, jade green ice lollies


Yogurt and matcha ice lollies

Place one heaped tsp of matcha in a bowl and add a splash of boiled water cooled to about 80C. Whisk until it forms a frothy paste. Add natural yogurt and sweeten it to taste with honey. Freeze for about an hour before you add the sticks. Then let it freeze for 4-5 hours. Delicious and creamy!

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