Five ideas to celebrate Easter

6 Mar

1. Make a simnel cake

Rich simnel cakes were originally made to celebrate the end of Lent and enjoyed for Mothering Sunday, although they have recently become part of Easter celebrations. This simple yet flavoursome Earl Grey simnel cake is perfect to share.

Earl Grey simnel cake

2. Cook with eggs

Eggs are a symbol of Easter and rebirth. Nutritious and very versatile, they add a pop of colour to minipizzas or this spring soup. We’ll definitely be trying these Chinese style Earl Grey marbled eggs too!

3. Easter eggs. 

Can you imagine Easter without Easter eggs? Here are some of our favourite DIY ideas.

Chalkboard Easter eggs by Oleander and Palm

Little Easter egg man by A bit of Pilli Pilli

Eggshell planters by Le Robin’s nest


4. Bake some hot cross buns

Associated with Good Friday since Christian times. This recipe with spices and the rich taste of Amber oolong is our favourite!

Hot cross buns

5. Sow your seeds

Calendulas, poppies and snapdragons or freesias, irises and anemones. It’s time to sow your favourite seeds and plant your favourite bulbs!

Freesias by Jeantosti

Freesias by Jeantosti



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