The caffeine-free diaries. Week 2: what we’ve learnt

21 Jan

OK, let’s admit it. Last weekend was a bit of a caffeine-free catastrophe. Remember the controversial tweet from last week’s post?


Well, it turned out that Kate missed her caffeine a bit too much, particularly after the office cleaning spree. Craving some cashmere-like comfort, she made a big pot of Himalayan Oolong that she shared with Hannah and Tidus, who didn’t question anything because, naturally, she’s the big boss… Naughty!

Was this the end of the caffeine-free experiment? For them it was! But, for the sake of this post (pure investigative journalism!), I decided to stick to the caffeine-free routine for an extra week and come up with a few tips for those of you who are trying to limit the amount of caffeine – or who can’t have any caffeine at all!


A caffeine-free breakfast

Most people like a tea that is full-bodied, satisfying and grounding with their breakfast. This is why I’d suggest: 

  • Golden Rooibos:  the South Africans have been drinking it in the morning for centuries. Rooibos has a sweet, earthy flavour and it’s very satisfying, particularly with a dash of milk (rice milk and no sugar for me, please!). 
  • Sobacha: nutty, full-bodied and moreish. Great with savoury food. Try it with Marmite on granary toast for a vitamin B-rich combo (peanut butter optional).  It’s feelgood food!

A caffeine-free pick-me-up

Tricky, isn’t it? As a green tea addict, this is what I missed the most. But there are some ways of getting a little boost.

  • Peppermint: perfect after lunch, as it helps digestion. Its freshness will clear your head too.
  • Rosebud: soothing and calming, it has the same effect as a breathing exercise. The scent is inspiring too.

Before bedtime

Some people, including myself, love having breakfast for dinner and viceversa (this is why sometimes I have porridge for dinner and cold homemade pizza for breakfast!). Likewise, my caffeine-free breakfast teas were also my bedtime favourites!  I also drank  Mulberry, the fruity health hero, rich in calcium, fibre and iron. And don’t forget to try Calming Chamomile (a blend of chamomile and lavender flowers) to unwind with a good book. 

Now I’ve finished the post I’m going to put the kettle on and enjoy a well-deserved cup of Genmaicha… Oh how I’ve missed it!



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