15 simple feelgood tips from the Lahloo team

8 Jan

The Lahloo team has gathered to compile a list of simple feelgood tips that will help you start 2013 feeling calm and energised. For more inspiration, you can also check our Herbal Therapy Pinterest board!


This is our mantra for the New Year! You can print it out if you wish.


1. Start the day with half a cup of hot water and a squeeze of lemon. It’s an easy way to alkalise your body and to clear toxines.  And you’ll get some vitamin C too!

2. Do some cat stretches first things in the morning.

3. Add a tbsp matcha to a green breakfast smoothie.

4. At the end of your shower, turn the water to cold for a few seconds. You’ll feel brave and awake, and it will improve your circulation.

5. If you can, take a walk to work!

6. Try a simple shiatsu massage to feel energised. Apply some pressure in between your thumb and index finger. Breathe.

7. Always carry healthy snacks. Fruit segments, toasted almonds, oatcakes, hummus and carrots, a banana or a boiled egg are perfect.

8. Make a potassium-rich vegetable soup from scratch tonight. Add some chickpeas for extra protein.


9. Do a good deed! Help someone today. Helping people makes us feel good too.

10. Save at least ten minutes each day to do something creative. Drawing, writing, knitting, cooking, taking photographs, making music or whatever you like.

11. Learn something new.

12. Grow your own herbs and add them to your favourite dishes.

13. Do a screen detox! Half an hour before you go to bed, turn off all electrical implements (yes, your mobile phone too!). Grab a book and a cup of tea and relax.

14. If you feel agitated and restless, breathe (and play some Tibetan singing bowls music. It will help!)

15. Remember to say ‘thank you’.


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