DIY tea-scented heat bag

5 Dec

Heat bags can be easily made with rice or corn, and their dry heat provides comfort and relief for sore muscles. You can add flowers, herbs or essential oils and enjoy an aromatherapeutical experience too! This is why we thought of using Wild Rose, a blend of White Peony and pink rosebuds: the gorgeous scent of rose has calming and uplifting properties!

You’ll need a soft cotton fabric for the inside pouch. Fill it with the rice and Wild Rose and sew it closed. Don’t overfill it, as it should mold itself around your body. We also made a removable cover using felt. The removable cover can be made and decorated with any material you like, as it won’t go in the microwave.

To use your heat bag, microwave the inside pouch for one minute. Make sure that you put a cup of water next to it to add moisture, and do not microwave any other fabrics that aren’t cotton. Do not overheat and don’t leave it unattended. Before you place it on your skin, check that the temperature is OK. Enjoy!

P.S. We love it with Spice Chai too!




2 Responses to “DIY tea-scented heat bag”

  1. Oolong Tea December 10, 2012 at 02:44 #

    wild rose? where to get them?

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