5 great autumn DIY ideas

6 Nov

Autumn is such a beautiful season that it seems a shame to start too early with Christmas decorations. Pumpkins, chestnuts and apples are all in season, and there are plenty of possibilities to use them in a creative way. These are our favourite ideas.

1. Apples and pinecones

Go for a walk in the woods and pick some pinecones to decorate your house. Their natural colour is beautiful, and you could place them in a bowl with some apples, as a simple centrepiece. The pinecones will be great for Christmas too, either with their natural colour or spray-painted.

Image via Frenchlarkspur

2. Gourd garland

Miniature squash looks great in a simple and natural garland.

Image by Martha Stewart Living

3. Apple cider cups

Apple cups are a cute idea to serve a Spice Chai and apple winter warmer.  Add a cinnamon stick as a stirrer!

Image via Gimmesomeoven

4. Autumn candles

Use the smallest squash to make tealight holders.

5. White pumpkin centrepieces

There’s something surprisingly elegant about white squash. They look beautiful when combined with natural colours and can be used as a centrepiece, around a simple big candle.


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