Keep healthy this winter – a guest post by Rebecca Irwin

3 Sep

It’s been the wettest summer in a hundred years, and we’re hoping for an Indian summer before the days get much shorter and the temperatures colder… It’s time to enjoy the last days of summer before we enter the cold season! But if you’re feeling as if the winter is like a guest who arrives a bit too early to your dinner party, don’t fret! We’ve asked nutritionist Rebecca Irwin, from Neal’s Yard Remedies Bristol for some advice on how to start getting ready – and there’s some good news for green tea lovers too! 

As with all year round, it’s vitally important to keep up a good intake of nourishing wholesome foods. Having plenty of different coloured veggies will provide a spectrum of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to support the immune system. Avoid sugar and junk foods, they only place more stress on the body.

To combat the cold and damp it’s great to eat more warming and drying foods which means vegetables, grains and lots of warming spices such as cinnamon, turmeric and ginger. These spices often have an anti-microbial effect so they’re fantastic for fighting any infection.

Think cinnamon and grated apple porridge, hearty soups, stews, curries and casseroles, and lots of warm drinks (tea!!) to keep your body well. Green tea in particular has been the subject of some very positive research in regards to immunity.

Regular exercise is as important as ever, even a brisk walk in the winter sunshine will do your circulation a world of good, and classes such as yoga or pilates provide a more meditative aspect to help deal with stress.

It may be useful to take a multi-vitamin and mineral over the winter months, that includes vitamins C and D, zinc and selenium which have all been shown to support immunity.

There are plenty of natural medicines to take should any coldy symptoms arise, one of the fastest-acting being elderberry – a powerful anti-viral agent. Speak to a professional for tailored advice!


Rebecca can be found at Neal’s Yard Remedies in Bristol.

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