Wild swimming

2 Aug

Britain is blessed with an array of wonderful places to swim. Melancholic rivers, tranquil lakes, thrilling waterfalls, idyllic ponds and of course, the ever-changing sea. Wild swimming is becoming more popular these days, and people discuss their favourite spots on Facebook groups and a few different websites.

We all know the particularities of British weather and how it might affect outdoor plans, but sometimes a chlorine-smelling, heavily disinfected swimming pool isn’t enough. Swimming outdoors has many other added values: the beauty of the surroundings, the sense of freedom and wilderness, the communion with nature, the excitement!

The Outdoors Swimming Society and Wild Swimming both have very comprehensive listings of places to swim, including swimmers reviews and tips. All you need to remember now is to take a flask of your favourite tea with you!

Swimming in turquoise waters by Horia Varlan


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