Ice cubes with fruit and herbs

3 Jul

Ice cubes! They’re certainly a summer party essential, though they rarely are the focus of a conversation -unless you’ve forgotten them and it’s too late to get hold of any!  An easy way of making your drinks a bit more exciting is adding an unexpected element to your ice cubes: herbs, flowers or spices. The idea is not merely to embellish the ice, but to enhance the flavours. Whatever you add to your ice cubes should complement your drink! We’ve been playing around with some ideas and here are our favourites.

A fresh mint ice cube in your cold infused Sencha!

  • Raspberry ice cubes: they will look striking in iced matcha or sencha.
  • Strawberry ice cubes: we love them in cold infused Rosebud.
  • Lemon zest ice cubes:  These look and taste fresh, try them in matcha or your preferred green tea.
  • Pomegranate ice cubes: lovely with Sencha.
  • Strawberry and basil ice cubes: they give a great twist to your glass of water.
  • Fresh mint ice cubes: they’re fabulous in a glass of melon or watermelon juice. Also great in your cold infused Sencha.
  • Lavender ice cubes: amazing with Earl Grey or White Peony.
  • Pink rosebud ice cubes: will look and taste delightful in a herbal lemonade made with cold infused Lemon Verbena.
Have you tried any other variations? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Take your pick! These ice cubes are also great in a glass of water


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