Happy World Book Day!

23 Apr

There’s nothing like reading a good book while enjoying a great cup of tea. To celebrate World Book Day, here are the Lahloo team favourites!

Kate (founder): “I love Like water for chocolate by Laura Esquivel, it’d be great to read with a pot of chocolatey Amber oolong”.

Neil (finance director): “I’m currently reading The snow man by Jo Nesbo, it’d suit a pot of Shou Vintage Pu-Erh, equally dark and mysterious”.

Tilly (brand ambassador): “I can’t pick one! Well, maybe The tiger who came to tea, that’s a good one. And I’d read it with a pot of Sencha”.

Tidus (office manager): “Can I pick a trilogy? Then it’d be The Night Angel by Brent Weeks. And I’d pick a pot of something mysterious… like Matsumoto Black!”

Maria (social media marketing): “It’d probably be The Hound of the Baskervilles by Conan Doyle, or The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by R.L. Stevenson. With a pot of Genmaicha!”

Holly (store manager): “I love all the Harry Potter books and I’m proud of it! And The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien. I’d read them with a lovely pot of Yunnan Cloud”.

Laura (Lahloo Pantry head chef): “I’ve just read Timbuktu by Paul Auster and it’s very sad but amazing! To be read with a pot of Earl Grey!”.

Hannah (infusionist): “I really love Winnie the Pooh! Hold on, maybe I should pick something a bit more serious, like On the road by Jack Kerouac, and I’d choose a pot of Peppermint to go with it”.

Emily (infusionist): “I really liked Water for elephants. And the film. And I’d have a pot of Sobacha with it!”

What about you? What’s your perfect pairing?


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