The perfect culinary herb garden

3 Apr

Some of you might already know the back garden at Lahloo Pantry. It’s especially lovely under the morning sun, secluded and relaxing. As it’s spring,  Team Kitchen (captained by Chef Laura) have had a great idea: using the space at the back to create the perfect culinary herb garden! Laura wants herbs with flowers that will both look beautiful and taste delicious when added to their recipes. We have some vintage crates that we could use to get growing too (as we’ve seen on Pinterest!) and a list of essentials that the perfect herb garden should have!

Watch the space at the back!

1. Lavender: this English classic is close to rosemary and thyme. As well as having beautiful violet flowers and an uplifting fragrance, it’s very versatile and can be used in cakes, biscuits, bread, ice cream, stews or custards.

2. Chives: with their pale purple flowers and their reputation as a French fine herb, chives are another sure hit in any herb garden. They’re perfect in omelets, sandwiches, soup and sauces.

3. Sweet Cicely: this aniseed herb comes from the family of caraway and parsley and produces tiny white flowers. The seeds, roots, leaves, stems and flowers are all edible and they can be used in different ways.

4. Rosemary: the old wives’ tale says that if rosemary grows vigorously in a garden it’s because the woman heads the household… So we’re expecting it to be big and bushy! Well known for its antibacterial properties and delicious with roasted meat, tomatoes, mushrooms and bread.

5. Thyme: native to the Mediterranean, it’s essential for any good stuffing and delicious with meat, fish and white rice.  It has fantastic digestive properties. Its tiny flowers are edible and look lovely sprinkled on dishes.

We’ll follow Laura’s progress in the herb garden here!



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