Tea and romance at Lahloo Pantry

9 Feb

Remember that scene from Atonement when Robbie and Cecilia meet for the first time after his imprisonment and hold hands over a cup of tea? Or that other one from Brief Encounter, when Laura and Alec share their first cup of tea together? If you like romance (and who doesn’t?!) you’ll agree with us: there’s something charming, comforting and, well, romantic, about sharing a cup of tea with your loved one. 


So we’ve got the Pantry set up for you (beautiful flowers, great tunes) and we’re doing a special night, with BYO and late opening until 7pm, on Valentine’s Day. You can drink your favourite tea and indulge in this delicious afternoon tea menu

-Champagne and pomegranate turkish delight,
-Mini meringue roulade with pistachio and rosewater, 
-Custard kiss, 
-Scone with clotted cream and strawberry and vanilla jam, 
-Chard, bacon and brie minimuffin, 
-Smoked salmon and beetroot creme fraiche on soda bread
-Quail’s eggs, cress and tea smoked salt on soda bread

To book your Valentine’s afternoon tea, e-mail hello@lahloopantry.co.uk or call 0117 329 20 29. 


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