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12 Sep

Lahloo logo


So do you like our new logo? I hope you’re well and that you enjoyed a lovely summer. I’d like to thank you for your continued support of Lahloo Tea and for really getting behind what I have been trying to achieve. It makes a real difference to us to have such wonderfully supportive customers.

We’ve had a busy summer working on some very exciting developments here at Lahloo. This is your sneak preview of everything we’ve been beavering away on over the summer! Lucky people!

I remember September as a little girl. Lots of excitement because I got to choose new shoes (every girls dream)! Well, this September I feel strangely similar. But instead of new shoes for me, this year it’s a new look, fresh feel and even a new home for Lahloo!

New Lahloo home

This is 12 Kings Road, Clifton, Bristol – Lahloo’s new home.  From the beginning of October (if those builders get cracking) we will be moving from our base in central Bristol to our first Lahloo concept tea store in Bristol’s beautiful Clifton village.  The Lahloo Pantry is a huge, and very exciting, step for us and one I see as a real opportunity to bring the true artisanal side of Lahloo to life.


We have some really exciting new teas, producers and tea ware coming your way. This is one of our new producers – the oldest tea farmer in the world – 111 year old Arthur Njuguna Komo! If the tea is behind his youthful looks, I’m making it my daily cuppa!

Just think of us as the same old Lahloo just a little bit better! It’s like starting a new school; so exciting but also a little bit scary! I hope that you will follow our progress here and like the results of our labour when we’re done!

Thanks again and keep drinking Lahloo Tea,

Kate x  x (Lahloo founder)

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