Fancy a new job where drinking lots of tea is a prerequisite?

12 Sep


That got your attention! Well, we are recruiting. Come and join the good ship Lahloo!

As you may have seen in our latest blogs, newsletters and tweets, we are opening our very first tea store here in Bristol in October this year (2011). The Lahloo Pantry is a huge but very exciting step for us. And to help us make it a roaring success we are looking for fabulous people with a love of food retail and hospitality and a real understanding of exceptional customer service to join us.

If that’s you, email Kate by September 19th and tell her why you would like to join the team. Tell her what experience you have and also what you think you could bring to the team. We like to have fun and of course drink lots of tea but most of all we love sharing our infectious passion for amazing tea with everyone out there.

We have different positions available, both full-time and part-time, and in all sorts of areas. So if you think you’d make a cracking store manager, supervisor or indeed the best infusionist in the land (well, we don’t need baristas we do need people who will learn how to serve the finest cup of tea in Bristol), then please don’t delay.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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