Wow! Gorilla Maddness!

19 Jul

Kate makes friends!

Walking around Bristol over the past week or so I’ve been spotting more and more Gorillas! That’s right! You weren’t mistaken, not squirrels, foxes or hedgehogs – huge gorillas!

They’re not real of course but they do make a very striking feature on the landscape and if you see one with bleary Monday morning eyes you do have to do a double check! They’re part of a mass public art exhibition organised by Bristol Zoo to celebrate their 175th Birthday (making it the longest running zoo outside of a capital city). What a lovely gift to the city, thank you Bristol Zoo!

Not only do they brighten up our city, (and lets face it a wee bit of colour always goes down well on an urban landscape), they’re also here to make a serious point too. Their aim is to raise awareness of the threats facing gorillas and other apes around the world. We think this is a great way to do this! They’re all over Bristol in various nooks and crannies in a bid to celebrate the zoo’s 175th Birthday in a fun and educational way.

They began life as white human height sculptures but once local artists,community groups and schools got hold of them they soon cheered up and have formed part of a city-wide art extravaganza! They’ll be hanging around (excuse the pun!) all over Summer after arriving on a Gorilla Flotilla sailed in by Bristol ferry Company on the 4th July. Now that’s a heck of a great way to make an entrance! We like their style! Eventually they will be sold off to raise funds for Gorilla conservation. I quite fancy a gorilla in my garden!

We’re off this weekend to hunt out as many as we can find. We’ll be stopping off for plenty of Lahloo tea stops along the way, on our Gorilla mission! Yip-pee!! Send us your photo’s of you and your Gorilla friends if (like us) you’re a big kid who likes to be silly!

A huge well done Bristol Zoo and Happy 175th Birthday from Lahloo Tea!




One Response to “Wow! Gorilla Maddness!”

  1. mazemangriot July 19, 2011 at 14:07 #

    I love the gorillas my favorite animal!!!! Thanks for sharing.

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