Father’s Day

16 Jun

My Dad (and brother)

This is my lovely Dad (and my brother). When I was younger my Dad was my hero. Now I’m older he still is. Don’t get me wrong life isn’t always like an episode of The Waltons, but that’s why it’s important to show your Dad how much you love him and how special he is to you. Here’s to dad’s everywhere! No one is perfect but what they can offer is a shoulder to cry on, good sound advice and a bit of perspective – very useful things in a world that can be a bit full on!!

Dad’s Rock. Sure they’ve been embarrassing, grumpy at times and dance like fools….but we love them don’t we? So, think of your Dad and what he’d like and mainly it’s not a lot. If yours is anything like my Dad they often just want a nice relaxing day, spent with the people they love. So, forget spending lots of money and just focus on what’s important – quality time with him! Think about what he actually wants, maybe make him a music compilation with his favourite old tunes! Make sure you spend time with your Dad, pop on the kettle, make him a cuppa and have a good old catch up. Show your Dad that you care…..and don’t forget a big hug and tell them you love em!


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