Re-cycle your tea leaves

12 Apr

Tea in the garden

Up until about a month ago Vicky wouldn’t ever considering drinking anything other than breakfast tea in the morning! Anything else….just didn’t feel ‘right’! This month we challenged her to shake up her usual tea routine. She could keep her morning cuppa, but she had to try something new. She switched to Guricha, the easiest tastiest green tea to get started on.

Now, she’s hooked!  She loves it not only  because she says she feels ‘switched’ on mentally, helping her focus at work on all things Lahloo……but it also leaves her feeling physically relaxed and calm – the  perfect combination! It tastes refreshingly good, it’s jam packed with anti-oxidants and vitamin goodness too and she can re-cycle her leaves to keep her going until lunch time! Yes, you can tea-cycle. By re-infusing the tea leaves again and again you get all the flavour as well as exploring the different infusions.

As if that wasn’t enough…..she’s also found a way to remember to feed her garden! According to the Cultural China website, once you’ve used your green tea leaves (up to 5 times with Guricha) to drink all the tea you can, sprinkle the leaves around your garden plants as a natural additive to soil!  Due to their high nitrogen content they are a natural remedy for keeping your garden in tip-top health.

In the garden

So now, every time she makes a cuppa she remembers to feed the plants!

One Response to “Re-cycle your tea leaves”

  1. Sally April 12, 2011 at 08:11 #

    I love this idea, imagine how tasty the tomatoes will be!

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