Lahloo loves escaping!

12 Apr

Every cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage...” (Catherine Douzel).

I’ve been lucky enough to get out into the Cotswolds recently to create tea lists for a couple of fabulous spa hotels and it got me thinking. If, like me you like to escape the stresses of daily life but don’t have the budget for luxury weekends away, why not curl up with a book and escape for a while with a cup of Lahloo tea? My little ritual is to make a pot of tea, put Paper Aeroplanes on my iPod and imagine I’ve escaped for a weekend in Paris. Well, I think I deserve it and I’m sure you do too!

A sense of calm begins as soon as you brew the tea. Pour water over the tea leaves and wait. As you inhale the gorgeous aroma, imagine that first sip of tea. And because tea is full of amino acids each cup of tea leaves you feeling calmer. How about trying one of our most calming and relaxing teas?
EARL GREY Happiness is…laughter, picnic with friends, the sun on your face and Lahloo Earl Grey! Probably not immediately what you’d think of but the essential oil of Bergamot we use is nature’s feel-good remedy! A natural anti-depressant; this is happiness in a cup!

GREEN MULBERRY Sensational! Green Mulberry is our super infusion. Whilst you sip and relax remember that this caffeine free infusion boosts immunity, lowers cholesterol and blood sugars, strengthens bones and more!

DRAGON PEARLS Just like the buds appearing in our garden, downy tea buds are beginning to blossom on tea bushes nestling in the Fujian mountains. In a few weeks they’ll be picked for you to enjoy. Just 4-5 pearls give you 5 cups jasmine white tea.

PS If you’re really lucky you could actually escape and still enjoy a cup of Lahloo Tea! Stay at The Rectory Hotel in the Cotswolds and enjoy a pot of Lahloo Tea at breakfast, in their gorgeous gardens by the pool or after lunch at their village pub, The Potting Shed.

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