“I don’t take coffee, I take tea my dear”

25 Mar

When we heard about the Tweed Run we just had to get involved! It’s a brilliant idea. So not only are we linking up with them to create their very own Tweed Afternoon tea – a delicious blend of Darjeeling, oolong and a touch of assam – but Kate will be cycling the route too!

We’ll be setting off from Central London at midday, on a 12 mile route passing the Tate Britain, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace (no word yet on if ma’am will be joining us), Saville Row, stopping off in the park for a spot of tea courtesy of Lahloo Tea in Kensington Gardens, St Paul’s and ending with a bit of a knees-up with Hendricks Gin in the City of London (near Bishopsgate).

Proper attire is expected. Tweed suits, plus fours, bow ties, cycling capes, and jaunty flat caps are all encouraged! Sounds like fun!

We think this is perfect to celebrate our involvement!

Elemental – Cup Of Brown Joy from Moog on Vimeo.


One Response to ““I don’t take coffee, I take tea my dear””

  1. hannah Broadway March 30, 2010 at 17:38 #

    THIS IS FANTASTIC!!!!!! Go Kate!…I just made myself a tweed (ish) dress…which I was feeling weird about as I thought it wasn’t very ‘spring-esque’ but actually all I feel like doing is drinking tea and wearing tweed! Hurrah!

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