So, what are your tea drinking habits?

9 Mar

Back in February we asked you to tell us more about your tea habits. You were all very lovely, so thank you for taking part. Your Lahloo Tea online shop voucher will be with you shortly (if you completed the survey but didn’t receive the voucher, please let us know).  We found the results really intriguing and we’ve listed a selection of them here. If you missed out on this one, see how your own tea habit compares?  Happy reading!

Which tea makes you jump for joy?

Why do you drink tea?

How you’re feeling definitely helps you to choose the tea you fancy. Tea is so good for the senses!

How do you choose which tea to drink?

Your perfect cup of tea would be…?

What’s your favourite tea cup?

We love that the quality and provenance are what make the difference when you buy tea.

What entices you to buy tea?

Where do you partake in your Lahloo tea habit?

Is your tea habit a…?

Your responses to this question are my favourites:

C.S. Lewis loves tea and a good book. What’s you perfect partner for tea?
Tea and….

a chocolate finger… or three
a cigar
a crossword
a cuddle
a girl to share it with
a great film
a purring cat.
BBC 6music
biscuits or cakes!
bone china cup
breakfast news or newspaper & especially when reading a book
chocolate hobnobs, cake, digestives… or just tea 🙂
dark (70% plus) spicy chocolate with black tea
freshly baked scones
friends when I have them, work most of the time
good company!
home made lemon cake
homemade lemon curd on hot buttered toast!
hot bath
Leonard Cohen
my cat (she knows how to walk around the cup)
my husband, homemade vegan cupcake (matcha ones!)
peace and quiet
solitude or good company!

3 Responses to “So, what are your tea drinking habits?”

  1. Anji March 9, 2010 at 21:59 #

    fascinating! sorry I didn’t get round to doing it but interestingly I would have been a majority ie red or blue on everything except the first question which would have to be white.

  2. Madam Potts March 10, 2010 at 00:53 #

    Tea and…. music.

    • lahlootea March 10, 2010 at 08:44 #

      Ah yes! What’s on your iPod and in your teapot today?

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