A surprisingly tasty match – Gorwydd Caerphilly and Lahloo Darjeeling!

25 Feb

Gorwydd Caerphilly

Trethowan's delicious Gorwydd Caerphilly

Kate introduced food and wine writer, Fiona Beckett, and cheese-maker and monger, Jess Trethowan, to the fabulous tastes and smells of tea in a wonderful tasting session this morning.

And as a bit of fun in food pairing we asked Jess to bring along some of her delicious Gorwydd Caerphilly. Made by Maugan and Kim Trethowan at Gorwydd Farm, Ceredigion, Gorwydd is deliciously mild with a really more-ish texture and taste and an intriguing mushroomy taste as you get closer to the rind. We love it!

But, most amazingly we found that Darjeeling Second Flush was fantastic with the Gorwydd. Award-winning, our Darjeeling Second Flush is incredible! The Jungpana bio-dynamic tea estate, nestled high on the misty slopes of the mighty Himalayas, makes the most enchanting tea. Not a surprise really; the family have made extraordinary Darjeeling tea for centuries!

It is a sensational tea packed with flavour – floral, fruity, citrus, pistachio. The Gorwydd brought out a delicious mango fruitiness. It is stunning, you should try it! We decided all we were missing was a piece of fruitcake to make the perfect afternoon tea!

Heres to more fabulous discoveries with lovely people.

really brought out the flavours –

One Response to “A surprisingly tasty match – Gorwydd Caerphilly and Lahloo Darjeeling!”

  1. pip February 26, 2010 at 16:12 #

    an interesting discovery … wonder if we can start a trend here with a series of cheese and tea tastings in the south west! quite fond of the gorwydd myself and thinking it’ll go quite nicely with my latest discovery – a himalayan oolong (jun chiyabari) from nepal.

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