Sorapot – the most stylish glass teapot

25 Jan

“The world is a collection of small, beautiful things that are so detailed, they seem like miniature worlds, yet so ordinary they’re often left unnoticed. I designed Sorapot to emphasize one of my favorite- the unfurling of tea leaves.”Joey Roth, designer

How true! I came across this beautiful teapot whilst searching for a unique glass teapot to serve Lahloo tea in. Well, you can’t get any more unique, or stunning, than Sorapot.

Sorapot is a pleasure, both visually and functionally. The tea making process is suspended in the glass tube. Rather than confining tea leaves in a small mesh basket, Sorapot lets your leaves have full run of the interior as they unfurl, change the hot water into tea and releasing their flavour. Sorapot, sora meaning sky in Japanese, perfectly articulates the beauty of the everyday ritual of tea in a thoroughly modern way.

I love it! I think I may just have to buy myself one of these stunning teapots. I bet Mr Aoki’s green tea would look amazing in Sorapot.

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