The lahloo team are running for chari-tea

13 Jan

Hello all,

New School built

Well the festivities are well and truely over, its time to get fit and healthy in the new year.

At Lahloo we thought lets do something useful for somebody else at the same time. What you may ask will they do. We are running a half marathon in March for charity, the aim is to give back to the people of Malawi through a community-based project sponsored by Temwa.

So on Sunday 7th March (yes, we have been training in the snow the past week) the Lahloo Team – Kate, Neil and Meagan – will be donning our lycra and our trainers and taking to the streets of Bath to run the BathHalf 2010. If you’re nearby you can always come and wave us on!

If you would like to donate a few pounds, please go to:

Temwa’s objective is to help build a sustainable future for the people of Malawi through community-based projects. Temwa is working with the people of Malawi (see above), enabling them to become self sufficient and giving them hope for their families’ futures. What a brilliant and passionate charity!

If you can spare a little please do!


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