Merry Christmas to all!

25 Dec

Well, it is finally here… Christmas day has arrived! It’s a gorgeous sunny morning and the snow and ice is glistening.

We have just woken up, the carols are blasting out of the radio, the kettle is boiled and the deliciously light Darjeeling is brewing. After a yummy breakfast we’ll sit down and open the pressies while munching on a cheeky mince-pie or two and sipping a glass of mulled wine. Lets hope we all get some cracking goodies and the only odd present under the tree is the usual from auntie. It makes us giggle every year!

I don’t know about you, but our Christmas day then kicks into gear with some fresh air. A walk cross Ashton Court. It looks amazing at the moment with the snow and ice, hopefully the deer will be out in force too. Then back to Clifton Village for a pint in our local. There is something quite unique about catching up with neighbours and friends on Christmas day over a beer.  Then home for the big event!! This year we are having roast beef with all the trimmings – no turkey in this household.

But after a few glasses of fizz and a little bit of food, it will have to be Sobacha. Tip of the day, take a little time out from the mass of food and alcohol to enjoy something else, something more refreshing. Sobacha is a sweet and nutty buckwheat tea that is utterly refreshing. Full of anti-oxidants, Sobacha is the perfect complement to the overindulgence of Christmas Day. Feel on top form all day.

Have a fabulous day, I know we will.

Merry Christmas from the Lahloo team

we will need something with a bit of oomph to help us recover in time to help with the washing up. Our 1992 Pu-Erh is ideal, it’s earthy, sweet and the perfect after-dinner digestive. Now who’s for charades

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