Keeping your leaves under wraps….

21 Dec

Now you have discovered our delicious loose-leaf tea you will inevitably want to store your stash in just the right way. That way you can enjoy every cup just as much as the first. Our pouches provide an ingenious little tool to re-seal our moisture and light-proof pouches – the Lahloo peg! But, as we say on our packaging, try to transfer you tea to a tin to keep it at its absolute best.

Why? Well… Tea is vulnerable to five things: air, light, odor, heat, and moisture and when tea is exposed to these elements over time it will lose flavor and become stale. With such a fresh and fine tasting tea, who wants that? It would be such a waste!

So, to keep your tea tasting just as it did the day that it was made, the best place to store it is either in a double-lidded, airtight tin canister or ceramic (please don’t use glass or plastic) container. Where do you get one of these? Here’s the exciting bit…we are very happy to welcome the arrival of the Lahloo tea storage tin.

Tea Tins

Our gorgeous tea tin just before it took a leap!

Proudly emblazoned with the elegant map design which charts our tea clipper namesake’s, Lahloo, route these double-lidded beauties are gorgeous and very useful! We’ve also discovered they’re very strong too! In the name of research (it was an accident really), Bryony dropped one of our shiny new tins over the side of a five-story building! You will be pleased to hear it survived intact and didn’t spill a single leaf. Phew!

You can now purchase any of our tea in its very own storage tin online (for just £2.00 extra). Plus, when you have drunk your way through a caddy you can then just buy a refill tea pouch online. Now you just have to remember to keep your tea tins in a cool and dry place and your tea will keep as fresh as you want it to!

Coming soon...take Lahloo tea your travels....

And coming very soon…when you want to transport your loose-leaf tea to work or play or take it away on holiday, you can easily decant a little into our new red heart travel tin (available for £1.50 online from January 2010).

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