A Tea-total Christmas (only kidding!)

18 Dec

With only 7 sleeps till the Christmas day and all of the Lahloo team’s presents brought and safely wrapped under the tree (that is simply not true!) We have now turned our attention to menu planning for the big day and most importantly what teas to accompany the feasting.

We all spend lots of time debating the merits of goose over beef, turkey over a whole poached salmon etc but what about the perfect teas to enhance the experience. We at Lahloo like to stagger our ‘drinking’ with tea drinking so we can make the most of those precious few hours with the family and also so we don’t need a snooze, at least until after the queens speech!

So, to start at the very beginning, traditionally Lahloo celebration’s properly start on Christmas Eve. Whether you are going to midnight mass, wrapping your final pressies by the fire or heading out to the pub with friends it’s a magical night. Fingers crossed for snow! Whatever we end up doing one thing is for sure we will certainly have a steaming mug of Lahloo Chai clasped tightly in our hands at some point. This fabulous, warming black tea blended with whole pieces of star anise, cloves, green cardamon, ginger and bay leaf just smells like Christmas.

Before bed nothing settles an over excited tummy like Sobacha. Real feel-good refreshment this unusual but popular caffeine-free buckwheat infusion from the Japanese Alps is sweet, nutty; more-ish and satisfying and will set you up for a restful sleep.

On Christmas morning Lahloo will be busily consuming smoked salmon on lightly toasted rye with runny scrambled eggs to set us up for the day. To compliment all that we will no doubt be sipping some beautifully refreshing Mr Aoki green tea. It is so sweet, citrusy and we love it!

As an aperitif, while we juggle peeling parsnips with unwrapping gifts, our cups will definitely be charged with some beautiful Cassia. Master Xu’s roasted Rou Gui oolong is the ultimate revitalization and guarenteed to help up keep up the pace. With a deliciously sweet, rose taste and an invigorating, rich aroma this tea engulfs your senses and is very special indeed!

After the turkey (well it has to be, doesn’t it?) Stuffing and too much pud we will need something with a bit of oomph to help us recover in time to help with the washing up. Our 1992 Pu-Erh is ideal, it’s earthy, sweet and the perfect after-dinner digestive. Now who’s for charades?

Happy Christmas from Lahloo

Luckly it’s still not too late to order online. You have until later this afternoon for our standard postage rates or till the 23rd for special delivery. Phew. Looking for the nearest stockist to where you live – get in touch and we will point you in the right direction. Happy Shopping! team@lahlootea.co.uk

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