Tea and the perfect biscuit – take 1!

2 Dec

Oolong, chatjan infuser and biscuit

In my last post I mentioned that, fed up with sweet, sickly cakes and cupcakes, I was on a mission to find and possibly create the perfect tea biscuit. What a great project – I mean who wouldn’t want to make biscuits and try them with their favourite cup of tea.

Spelt & honey crispsThe first batch I made were Sharpham Park Spelt and Honey Crisps (a recipe I tweaked to get the crunch just right).

A lovely crisp biscuit that was so easy to make. The smell was amazing as it was baking! And it tasted even better than it’s warm and sweet aroma! Crisp and gently chewy, sweet but not too sweet and delicately flavoured.

Lemon & Earl Grey Seasalt SablesThe second batch was a trickier recipe for Lemon and Earl Grey sea-salt Sables (I also tweaked this to use Sharpham Park Spelt flour and Earl Grey sea-salt).

Beautifully fragrant with a just-perfect buttery soft crispness. The combination of the lemon zest, Earl Grey tea and sea salt was perfectly balanced and really cut through the buttery richness.

But who am I to judge. Well, I did test them on Neil before we took them to the world (well, Frome)! On a very wet and wild Sunday in Frome we treated the shoppers of St Catherine’s Artisan Market to tea and biscuits, with the proviso that they had to tell us which one would be their perfect tea biscuit.

We made the lovely crowd at Frome very happy. All of them agreed that the world had gone coffee and cupcake mad and that there was indeed a need for a cracking tea biscuit. So what did they vote?

Both biscuits went down very well, with oohs and ahhs with each bite! The general consensus was that the Lemon & Earl Grey sea-salt Sables would be perfect with a cup of fragrant black tea like Darjeeling Second Flush or Earl Grey and with sumptuous roasted oolong tea, like Amber.

But the Spelt and Honey Crisps were divine with their subtle flavour, gentle sweetness and lovely crispness. They would be the perfect biscuit with any cup of tea – white tea, green tea, oolong tea or black tea.

Watch for more biscuit and tea pairings to come…


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