Blaggers Banquet

10 Nov
Blaggers Banquet

Blaggers’ Banquet Blogger Charity Event for Action Against Hunger

Through my tweeting, I learned about a fabulous event happening on Sunday 15th November, organised by London’s Food & Drink Bloggers. They will be taking over Hawksmoor, the fabulous steakhouse in Liverpool St, and holding the Blaggers’ Banquet.

So, what is it? Well, the Blaggers’ Banquet will be an exciting 5 course dinner with matched drinks, created entirely by food and drink bloggers, using only food and drink that they have blagged. How cool! What’s more, all proceeds will go to Action Against Hunger. There will also be a blaggers’ auction where they will be auctioning brilliant items they’ve blagged. What a great cause and event!

I just had to get involved and so we’ve just senf off some of our ultimate after-dinner green tea, Green Jasmine – delicate green tea buds mingled with exquisitely frangrant fresh jasmine flowers until the tea absorbs the beautiful uplifting aroma. Pure refreshment! But that’s not all, we’ve also sent a tastebud tantalizing Lahloo Green Jasmine tea-infused Damian Allsop chocolate to be served with it. Lucky people!

If you fancy going, tickets are on sale now on Ebay in pairs for £150 and one table of 5 for £375. Five pairs of tickets will be auctioned starting from £75. If you go, have fun and enjoy.

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