Lahloo tea ranting at Abergavenny Food Festival

21 Sep
Ranting at Abergavenny Castle

Ranting at Abergavenny Castle

We took Lahloo Tea to the fabulous crowd at Abergavenny Food Festival at the weekend. What an amazing food festival! If you’ve never been, go to the website and keep an eye out for next year’s date and get it booked in your diary. It’s the best food festival we’ve ever been to! 

At the festival Kate, Lahloo Tea’s founder, got on stage with a microphone at Rude Health’s rant tent. Not one to be shy, Kate aired her views on the awful dust that most people associate with tea. As Kate threw dusty teabags at onlookers, she encouraged them to think about exactly what they are drinking. We are all so into tastes and aromas of wine, cheese, beer, chocolate and coffee but poor old tea has kind of got left behind! 

Kate founded Lahloo when she discovered tea that tasted so good her taste buds came alive! She just couldn’t go back and decided to share her discovery with others. Discover loose-leaf tea now!

Listen to Kate rant here:  Ranting at Abergavenny Food Festival


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