Newsletter – August

7 Aug

It’s that time again! Make a pot of your favourite tea, pull up a comfy chair, shake your shoes off, put your feet up and take 5 minutes to find out all about Lahloo. I love tea! Not just any old tea but the best tea from exceptional tea gardens around the world. I want to share that passion with others so, I founded Lahloo to do just that.

This month Lahloo has been celebrating a very special event – our 1st birthday! What a year! I don’t think I’ve ever cried, laughed or worked as hard in my life as I have the past year, but I am so proud of the things we’ve achieved. I’d like to offer a huge thank you to you all; we couldn’t do it without you!

So we’re confidently stepping into our 2nd year with lots of exciting ideas and plans. We will keep you posted as we go but in the meantime, happy reading…


Lahloo’s exciting journey

‘Why Lahloo’? We have a lovely story! So here it is…

Dreaming of launching a tea company, there was one thing missing; a name. Stuck, we asked friends and family for ideas that oozed elegance and style but celebrated British tea history.

As soon as we discovered that Kate’s great-great grandfather, George Hockaday, sailed aboard the famous 19th Century tea clipper – Lahloo (picture by Michael J Whitehand) – we had a winner!

Growing up in London’s docks must have been amazing. The demand for first crop tea created massive competition and tea clippers were greeted by carnival atmospheres. It’s not difficult to imagine the attraction of sailing in the clipper races.

Lahloo is the perfect name. It conjures up elegance, beauty, fast-paced excitement, glamour and romance. And now, just as in the 19th century Lahloo brought fabulous tea from China to fashionable London; now Lahloo is bringing exceptional tea to you.

Tea drinking oozes effortless style
Discovering that drinking loose leaf tea is so easy and tastes so much better inspired me to create Lahloo! Tea is usually associated with teabags or faff, chintz and little pinkies out!

I present – chatjan’s. Beautiful hand-crafted tea cups and infuser that fit snugly in the palm of your hand. The perfect way to explore the flavours and aromas of loose leaf tea in an enviable, eye-catching yet simple-to-use way.

Place your favourite tea leaves into the infuser, pour on water and allow the tea to infuse, wait a minute or two and drink from the cup! When you fancy another cup, repeat with the same tea leaves.

Go on, be the envy of your friends at home or at work and treat your leaves to a beautiful, stylish tea cup. If you’re feeling ever-so generous, they make great presents for tea-lovers! Starting at just £18.00 each, click here to buy

Lahloo loves stylish new pouches

STOP PRESS! We’ve just received a very exciting consignment! Our new bespoke pouches, hand-made in the UK have just arrived hot off the press. The tea inside is still the same we’ve just given it a little make over! We’re really pleased with them and we hope you like them too!

Bag yourself a shiny new pouch of your favourite Lahloo tea, click here to visit the boutique

PS. Don’t worry if you loved the peg; it’s still a feature! Well, we couldn’t get rid of such a quirky, vital element, could we!

Pure indulgence in a cup!
Imagine a bouquet of your favourite flowers! Mine would have to be bright, candy-colour sweet peas or fragrant white lilies. This is tea luxury; awaken the senses!

Oolong teas fall between green and black teas. They are partially oxidised, some more than others, and boast amazing aromas, flavours, appearances and health benefits. So much to explore!

Mr Chun’s delicious, buttery high mountain oolong tea is farmed entirely organically in Ren-ai, Nantou County in Taiwan. When Tim visited Mr Chun’s farm he was so amazed by the thousands of grasshoppers hopping about all over the tea trees that he named this oolong tea after the little critters!

This tea is pure elegance in a cup! Intensely floral with a delicate sweetness. The sumptuous aromas and flavours linger deliciously leaving you wanting more and reviving your senses as the tea leaves unfurl! Grasshopper is £8.50 for 30g click here to buy

Spread the word and win!

I love this picture! This is Bryony our new recruit. It’s great to have her on board! To celebrate we went for lunch at the Lido. It was sunny, a delicious apricot-pistachio tart was waiting to be devoured and a pot of Rose Congou waiting to be sipped; I couldn’t resist taking a photo!

It sums up my favourite things – summer, alfresco dining, refreshing tea, being with friends, delicious food… So what are your favourite things?

Tell us and not only will it be included in the next newsletter but you’ll also receive a stylish pouch of your favourite Lahloo tea and a beautiful chatjan to enjoy it in. Plus 5 runners up will receive a pouch of Lahloo tea.

Click here to send them to me, Kate. Can’t wait to hear from you!


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