Lahloo celebrates being 1 at the Bristol Wine & Food Fair

30 Jul

We’ve done it – Lahloo is 1! It seems such a long time ago that I took the plunge and decided to launch Lahloo Tea. What a year it’s been! I don’t think I’ve ever cried, laughed or worked so hard in my life as I have over the past year, but I am so proud of the things I have achieved and I love how people have taken to Lahloo!

We recently celebrated out 1 year birthday at t
he Bristol Wine & Food Fair. Here I am with my husband (and offficial Lahloo number cruncher), Neil, standing proudly in the mini tea boutique we created!

Tea has such a drab, disposable, insipid and chintzy image but in reality tea is fabulous. It is vibrant, tasty, stylish, fascinating, epicurean… I could go on and on but instead by being creative and innovative we hope to draw people in to want to find out more and to challenge people’s ideas of what tea is all about.

We wanted people to come in, have a cup of tea and find out how good tea really can be and that’s exactly what they did! For 3 days and nights, through rain and shine we didn’t stop making, smelling, enthusing about and tasting tea! Even Monsieur Raymond Blanc and restaurateur David Moore (Pied à Terre) sipped a cup of Snow Jewel before being dragged away to film!

We will soon be launching our own Damian Allsop Lahloo Tea & Infusions Chocolate collection, so we enticed and wowed with our mini tasting sessions of Mr Aoki‘s fresh and grassy Japanese green tea and Damian Allsop’s mouth-watering, zesty Lemon Verbena chocolates. What more could you want, tea and chocolate! Watch this space for more…

And we created a stir in the rain with our Tea Cocktail bar. Neil was our very own Tom Cruise and mixed the best Amber Oolong Mojitos and Lahloo Long Island Iced Earl Grey. They went down a treat. Wow your friends with your own tea cocktails with our recipe on the next Lahloo newsletter.
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We had a brilliant weekend so thank you to all of you who came. Hope to see you again next year! So we’re into our second year and what a lot we have planned! I can’t wait...


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