Newsletter Spring – Issue 2

8 Jun

Wow! It has been so long since I sent an update – I apologise. From here on in I will keep you much more informed about our exciting developments! In the meantime here is our lastest newsletter so grab a cup of Lahloo tea and read away…

In this issue: Lahloo Loves Mr Aoki’s Tea, Lahloo at Liberty, London, A Lahloo Treat at PUREbliss & Win a Japanese Tea Collection

Lahloo Loves Mr Aoki’s Tea
Most of the world’s green tea comes from China, but Japanese green tea is exceptional. The traditional Japanese way of steaming green tea leaves within 24 hours of harvest, sencha, stops the leaf oxidising, so it has a gorgeous emerald green colour, a fresh bitter-sweet taste and incredible levels of antioxidants.

Mr Aoki and his son, Tak, produce their sencha, a ‘labour of love’, on a tiny tea farm in the beautiful Southern Japanese island of Kyushu, the coastal region of Oita. A genuine farmer’s tea – only 2000kg is produced each year from 2 harvests. Mr Aoki and his family make their own organic fertilizers to nurture the tea.

Mr Aoki uses the whole tea leaf, veins and all as he believes it gives his tea a superior colour, aroma and taste. And how right he is! Enjoy Mr Aoki’s tea any time of day, especially refreshing if cold-brewed!

Our 20g pack retails for £6, click here to buy now.

Lahloo at Liberty, London
There is a real buzz of excitement at Lahloo at the moment. We are launching a range of our te as at Liberty, the famous emporium of all things very special in London.

Almost 3 years ago Kate sat in the tea room at Liberty dreaming of launching Lahloo. Now, in response to their customers, Liberty are retailing a range of boutique teas and accessories for the first time. Liberty tea sommelier, Freya Gabie, said: “Lahloo tea tastes absolutely fantastic. We really appreciate Kate’s connections with tea growers, her eclectic choice and the tea’s superb quality”.

The range includes Taiwanese Amber oolong as well as Mr Aoki’s green tea, and our unusual chatjans – South Korean hand-made, palm-size cups complete with their own infusers so you can explore different infusions of the same tea leaves.

On the last Thursday evening of every month, enjoy an evening of tea tasting and discovery at Liberty. Join us at the next event on Thursday 25th June. Click here to visit Liberty online and find out more.

A Lahloo Treat at PUREbliss
We are working with some fantastic people and we are excited to have rec
ently joined up with PUREbliss. Deep in the Cotswolds, SallyAnne and her team hand-make divine products and provide gorgeous spa treatments using only the purest, most natural and organic ingredients.

Treat yourself with luxurious body lotions, relax with soothing bath oils, and pamper with luxury aromatherapy candles.

Pamper yourself inside and out and enjoy a cup of Lahloo to complement the gorgeous treats. If you live locally pop in to see the lovely ladies at PUREbliss, if not click here to buy online.

Win a Japanese Tea Collection
First of all, we’d like to congratulate the winners of our last competition – lovely to hear that you’re enjoying the Rosebud white tea.

Email us with the details of a fellow tea lover and we will send them this newsletter. Make sure you ask their permission.

As a thank you, we are giving one of you a fantastic collection of our delicious Japanese teas with a beautiful glass infuser teacup; the perfect way to explore the different teas. We will pick a winner at random, so good luck!


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