Dreamy Valrohna white chocolate & Matsukaze matcha truffles

10 Nov

For the latest market we went to (Bath Farmers Market) I decided to use some of the beautifully vibrant Matsukaze matcha that I just received to introduce people to some of the exciting and delicious treats I make with our tea.

I used the dreamiest French Valrohna white chocolate for some and a blend of Valrohna Manjari 66% chocolate with Willie’s 100% Peruvian cacao for others with anti-oxidant boosting Matsukaze matcha.

Matsukaze matcha from Uji, Japan – the youngest leaves are stone-ground into a remarkable soft, vivid green, bitter-sweet powdered green tea full of anti-oxidants

A precious, shade-grown powdered green tea traditionally enjoyed by Zen monks in their meditation for its remarkable relaxing yet stimulating properties. The youngest leaves are stone-ground into a remarkable soft, vivid green, bitter-sweet powdered green tea full of anti-oxidants.You consume the whole leaf, so matcha has the equivalent antioxidants of 10 glasses of leaf green tea, is rich in chlorophyll so detoxifies the body of toxins and is full of vitamins A, C and E – all in all it’s powerful cup of tea!

Traditionally enjoyed in Japanese tea ceremonies, very little Matcha is exported so it’s a very rare treat to get such a fine example. Whisked into a frothy thin or thick tea with a bamboo whisk, matcha is brilliant to have at breakfast; it will give you between 4-6 hours of steady, slow-released energy.

Try mixing it into hot milk to make a matcha latte, into your favourite smoothie or even with Maldon sea salt on top of poached eggs!

Once I’d made the truffle mix, I rolled them into little balls and dusted them with the matcha, rolled them in finley shaved Valrohna white and dark chocolate and finally sprinkled them with matcha sea salt. Sweet but with a wonderful bite, they went down a storm. Helathy but delicious, they’d make a great present for a dinner party.e had so many requests to buy some that they will soon be available to buy on our website.


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