My favourite little teapot!

7 Oct

This is my favourite little tea set; it is fabulous for making oolong tea. Hand made in South Korea, it is so pleasing on the eye and lovely and tactile but best of all it lets you experience the fantastic aromas and flavours of fine oolong teas. It brings a little of the traditional gungfu tea ceremony into your day, you see oolong teas are really rather special and I think they deserve a little time and attention.

Often at around 5pm you’ll find me reaching for my little teapot and one of our many oolongs in my giant tea caddy full of special afternoon indulgences. I think oolongs really take you on a culinary and sensory journey. By using a large amount of tea in the pot, making lots of short infusions (increasing the infusion time each time) and using the tiny cups, you will enjoy their powerful and intense aromas and tastes.

Here is my guide on how to enjoy oolongs using this little tea set:

  • Fill the pot with freshly boiled water to warm the pot.
  • Empty the water into the lipped bowl and pour the water over the pot to warm the outside.
  • 1/3 fill the pot with tea leaves
  • Pour on freshly boiled water, cover then empty quickly into the bowl (this warms the leaves) and pour over the pot again.
  • *Cool water to correct temperature water (see tea packet) and pour into pot, cover and infuse for approx. 1 minute.
  • Pour the liquor into the bowl, fully emptying the pot.
  • Pour the tea into the tiny cups…relax and enjoy!
  • Repeat the process (from *), increasing the infusion time about 10 seconds each time, until you feel you’ve fully discovered the tea.

Of course you don’t have to use this method but it is a lovely way to relax after, or part-way through a hectic day. Oolong teas are wonderfully relaxing and reviving, cooling and thirst quenching. Enjoy!


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